Albion Park

R1 Trotters Discretionary Handicap12:48:00
R2 Centenary Classic Mercedes Benz Pace13:23:00
R3 The Tattsbet App Claiming Pace13:58:00
R4 Hear All The Action On Radiotab 1008am Pace14:33:00
R5 Southern Queensland Plumbing Conditioned Pace15:08:00
R6 Quest Breakfast Creek Apartments Pace15:43:00
R7 Solid Earth Aphrc Owners Of The Year Pace16:18:00
R8 Seymour Rising Stars Championship C4/c5 Prelude16:46:00
R9 Ideal Tact Albion Park Mare Of The Year Pace17:13:00


R1 Anderson Photography & Design Handicap Trot08:50:00
R2 Mainland Wool Mobile Pace09:20:00
R3 Ashburton Msa Liquor Centre Handicap Trot09:50:00
R4 Gluyas Motor Group Mobile Pace10:20:00
R5 Morrison's Saddlery & Feed Handicap Trot10:50:00
R6 Zilco Nz Pace11:20:00
R7 The Trust Ashburton Flying Stakes (stand) (gr2)11:53:00
R8 The Pres Ashburton Trotters Flying Mile (mobile) (gr3)12:28:00
R9 Mid-canterbury Trotting Owners Ladies Mile (mobile)13:03:00
R10 Ashburton Guardian Handicap Pace13:38:00
R11 Ea Networks Handicap Pace14:13:00


R1 Mitavite 3yo Ms Pace (sky 1)17:45:00
R2 City And Regional Fuels Ms Pace (sky 1)18:15:00
R3 Bva Metal Fabrications Ms Pace (sky 1)18:45:00
R4 United Financial Services Westbred Fillies And Mares Ms Pace (sky 1)19:15:00
R5 Gwn7 Ms Pace (sky 1)19:45:00
R6 Happy Retirement Alfio Torrisi Ms Pace (sky 1)20:15:00
R7 Jones Boys Bunbury Kia Ms Pace (sky 1)20:45:00
R8 Frankel Street Liquor Graduation Ms Pace (sky 1)21:10:00


R1 Aldebaran Park Trot17:02:00
R2 Condo's Horse Transport 3yo Pace17:30:00
R3 Dooza Sulky Pace18:00:00
R4 Decron Horse Care Pace (1st Heat)18:30:00
R5 Seelite Windows & Doors Pace (1st Heat)19:00:00
R6 Hyland Sportswear Pace19:30:00
R7 Trio's After The Last Pace20:00:00

Forbury Park

R1 Jj Otago/thompson Contracting Handicap Trot08:47:00
R2 Bishopdale/bush Inn Tabs & Tavern Harewood Mobile Pace09:12:00
R3 Life Members & Crawford Family Trot09:37:00
R4 Mornington Tavern/lyders Contracting Mobile Pace10:02:00
R5 Clutha Licensing Trust/bill Fitzgerald Contracting Pace10:27:00
R6 Tuapeka Lodge Fillies & Mares Mobile Pace10:52:00
R7 Night 'n' Day Handicap Trot11:28:00
R8 Selwyn Paul Memorial Tuapeka Cup Handicap Pace12:04:00
R9 Panspacificflight@macca Lodge Pace12:40:00
R10 Coach & Horses Inn/tuapeka Scanners Mobile Pace13:16:00
R11 Waihola Cafe & Bar/jeff & Colleen Young Pace13:52:00

Globe Derby

R1 Bgc Industrial Cleaning Supplies Pace12:54:00
R2 Daily Orange Juice Trotters Handicap13:29:00
R3 Austral Meat Trotters Handicap14:04:00
R4 Clay & Mineral Sales Pace14:42:00
R5 Davison Earthmovers Pace15:22:00
R6 Pace16:02:00
R7 Cape Divine Pace16:37:00

Gloucester Park

R1 Tabtouch With Cash Westbred Ms Pace (sky 1)14:35:00
R2 Mares Ms Pace (sky 1)15:15:00
R3 Ms Pace (sky 1)15:55:00
R4 Betting Made Easy. Tabtouch With Cash Ms Pace (sky 1)16:30:00
R5 We`ve Upped The Game. Tabtouch Trotters Conditioned Handicap (sky 1)16:57:00
R6 Tabtouch Western Bonanza Ms Pace (sky 1)17:22:00
R7 Quicker And Easier. Tabtouch With Cash Ms Pace (sky 1)17:50:00
R8 No Account, No Worries. Tabtouch With Cash Discretionary Handicap Ss Pace (sky 1)18:21:00


R1 Packaging Supplies Pace16:47:00
R2 Tattsbet Pace Division One17:17:00
R3 Pack And Send Hobart Pace17:40:00
R4 Take The Hassle Out Of Freight Pace Division Two18:03:00
R5 International Freight Solutions18:27:00
R6 National Freight Solutions Pace18:52:00
R7 Anything Anywhere Pace19:16:00
R8 Specialised Packaging Solutions Pace19:44:00
R9 Sutter Hanover Claimer20:08:00


R1 Bgs Folly @ Mountain View 3yo Pace12:06:00
R2 Nat's Rug & Harness - Allawart Ugo Trotters Handicap12:41:00
R3 Smiling Shard @ Alabar Pace13:16:00
R4 Maffioso @ Rosehill Pace13:51:00
R5 Westvic Race Pix - Matt Craven Pace14:25:00
R6 Bunnings Horsham - Barry Dunn Vicbred Pace15:05:00
R7 Betta Home Living Horsham - Peter Manning Pace15:45:00
R8 Conways Horsham - Jason Lee Pace16:22:00


R1 Kilmore Trackside Trot11:04:00
R2 Kilmore Racing Club Claiming Pace11:43:00
R3 Mitchell Shire Vicbred Platinum Mares Sprint Championship (2nd Heat)12:19:00
R4 J A Mazzetti Vicbred Platinum Country Series D Final12:55:00
R5 All Equip Constructions Popular Alm Sprint13:31:00
R6 Bendigo Bank - Wallan & District Community Bank Kilmore Trotters Cup14:02:00
R7 Jet Roofing Kilmore Pacing Cup (group 2)14:38:00
R8 Mcivor Estate Pacers Handicap15:16:00
R9 Tony Randone Memorial Pace Final15:54:00
R10 Elders Real Estate Pace Final16:27:00


R2 Pegasus Spur Handicap Trot09:00:00
R3 Members' Mobile Pace09:25:00
R4 Willow Park Mobile Pace09:50:00
R5 The Wright Decorators Mobile Pace10:15:00
R6 Ananam Watt Mobile Pace10:40:00
R7 Dave Manderson Memorial Mobile Pace11:10:00
R8 Highview Tommy Mobile Pace11:46:00
R9 Next Meeting November 25th & 27th Mobile Pace12:22:00


R1 24 Hour Fight Against Cancer Burke And Wills Pace11:59:00
R1 Tab Rewards Trotters Standing Start Handicap11:56:00
R2 Happy Birthday Charonne Driver Breakthrough Cup12:35:00
R2 Camarda & Cantrill Trotters Standing Start Handicap12:31:00
R3 Fishers Ghost Blue Blood Cup13:11:00
R3 Hardy Bros Mining & Constructions Bulli Trainers Pace13:06:00
R4 Barton Park Golf Range Trainer Breakthrough Cup13:47:00
R4 C91.3fm Trotters Standing Start Handicap13:41:00
R5 Michael Brown Planning Strategies Indigenous Drivers Invitational Stakes14:15:00
R5 Wards Accounting Group Ladyship Pace14:16:00
R6 Katie Purnell Mighty Mouse Cup14:54:00
R6 Form 700 Ladyship Pace14:51:00
R7 Campbell Advisory Heffalump Cup15:34:00
R7 Success Stud Pace15:26:00
R8 Jmd Development Trainer Breakthrough Cup16:14:00
R8 Rydges Campbelltown Pace16:01:00
R9 Sew Eurodrive Pace16:36:00


R1 Tab App Pace13:04:00
R2 Eco Enterac Pace13:39:00
R3 Tab Rewards Pace14:14:00
R4 Northern Inland Credit Union Pace14:54:00
R5 Tyreright Ladyship Pace15:34:00
R6 Tab Spring Sprint16:14:00
R7 Therese Kliendienst Volunteer Of The Year Pace16:45:00
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