R1 Bishopdale/bush Inn Tabs & Tavern Harewood Mobile Pace14:00:00
R2 Glenys & Philip Kennard - Graphite Developments Mobile Pace14:32:00
R3 A Electrical Ltd Trot15:07:00
R4 Raging Bull At Barra Equine Available Nationwide Mobile Pace15:35:00
R5 Christian Cullen Mobile Pace16:04:00
R6 Teltrac Communications Ltd Handicap Trot16:37:00
R7 Alabar Sires' Stakes Fillies Series (heat 3) Mobile Pace17:05:00
R8 Ainger Tomlin Chartered Accountants Trot17:35:00
R9 Xcm Sport Mobile Pace18:07:00
R10 Mico Plumbing Hornby/cranford Mobile Trot18:37:00

Albion Park

R1 Centenary Classic Mercedes Benz Pace16:44:00
R1 Jackpots Galore With Q1 Pace17:10:00
R1 Drive It With Horsepower Pace12:33:00
R2 Follow A Trottips Blackbooker Pace17:21:00
R2 Seymour Rising Stars Championship C1 Final17:35:00
R2 Rio Meteor Sulky Trotters Handicap13:08:00
R3 Secure A Spot At Pace17:50:00
R3 Experience The Centenary Classic Mercedes Benz Q2/q3 Pace18:10:00
R3 Seymour Rising Stars Championship C0/c2 Fillies & Mares Heat One13:42:00
R4 Sky Racing Has You Covered Conditioned Pace18:20:00
R4 Atlas Copco Construction Tools Q1 Pace18:40:00
R4 Seymour Rising Stars Championship C0/c2 Fillies & Mares Heat Two14:19:00
R5 Garrards Horse & Hound Claiming Pace18:50:00
R5 4bc 1116 Am News Talk & Sport Q0 Pace19:05:00
R5 Seymour Rising Stars Championship C0/c2 Fillies & Mares Heat Three14:57:00
R6 Sure Products Pace19:20:00
R6 Conditioned Q0 Pace19:40:00
R6 Betta Home Living With Knudsens Pace15:37:00
R7 Lunchbox Lodge Spelling Farm Pace19:50:00
R7 Rio Meteor Sulky Open Pace20:17:00
R7 Plumb It With Sqp Claiming Pace16:17:00
R8 Quest Apartments Breakfast Creek Trotters Handicap20:20:00
R8 Horsepower Nutrition Conditioned Q1 Pace20:42:00
R8 Gameplan Pace16:50:00
R9 Hear All The Action On Radio Tab 1008 Am 3yo Pace20:50:00
R9 Betta Home Living Virginia Trotters Handicap21:12:00
R9 Centenary Classic Mercedes Benz Pace17:20:00
R10 Sure Duz Mosquito Candle Mares Q0 Pace21:40:00


R1 Tab Pace17:43:00
R2 Agrison Pace18:20:00
R3 Greens Pace18:49:00
R4 Agrison Tractors Pace19:19:00
R5 Conway Printing Competitive Stakes19:44:00
R6 Safeway Three Year Old Pace20:23:00

Alexandra Park

R1 Have Your Conference At Alex Park Trot14:20:00
R2 Christmas At The Races Mobile Pace14:56:00
R3 Yakka Demolition Mobile Pace15:23:00
R4 Flashing Folding And Capping Ltd Handicap Trot15:53:00
R5 Active Components Mobile Pace16:27:00
R6 Breckon Farms Trot16:55:00
R7 Strata Title Trot17:22:00
R8 Horselands Kumeu Grain Mobile Pace17:52:00
R9 True-test Ltd Handicap Trot18:22:00
R10 New Years Eve Race Day $50pp Grad Series Heat 1 Mobile Pace18:52:00
R11 New Years Eve Race Day $50pp Grad Series Heat 2 Mobile Pace19:22:00

Ascot Park

R1 Mitavite Handicap Trot09:00:00
R2 Ascot Park Hotel Pace09:30:00
R3 Claimers Mobile Pace10:05:00
R4 Green Acres Mares Mobile Pace10:40:00
R5 Jaccka Lodge Handicap Trot11:15:00
R6 Mcmillans/nrm Equine Feeds Handicap Pace11:51:00
R7 Woodlands Stud Mobile Pace12:27:00
R8 Lincoln Farms Mobile Pace13:03:00
R9 Amtec Electrical Fillies & Mares Mobile Pace13:39:00


R1 Porter Plant Pace17:00:00
R2 Porter Utilities Pacers Handicap17:30:00
R3 Christmas Charity Carnival Pace17:54:00
R4 City Of Ballarat 3yo Pace18:24:00
R5 Eureka 160 Cup18:54:00
R6 Dickson Statewide Dairy Trotters Handicap19:24:00
R7 Porter Industries Pace19:54:00
R8 Porter Resources Pace20:24:00
R9 Diamond Rewards Join Now 3yo Trot20:54:00
R10 3ba Christmas Appeal Trot21:22:00


R1 T0 To T3 Ms12:07:00
R2 3yo Pace (nw 1 Lt) Ms12:42:00
R3 C0 Only Ms13:19:00
R4 Pace (nw 2 Lt) Ms13:54:00
R5 C0 To C2 Ms14:34:00
R6 C1 Only Ms15:14:00
R7 Pace (nw {$750} L4s) Ms15:54:00


R1 Burnie City Council Stakes17:17:00
R2 Welcome To 7bu Mobile17:42:00
R3 Wynyard Veterinary Stakes18:08:00
R4 Coastal Engineering & Belting Mobile18:37:00
R5 Wynyard Veterinary Clinic Stakes19:07:00
R6 Image Signs Claimer19:37:00

Globe Derby

R1 Sa Pacing Cup 1oth January 2015 Pace (final)17:25:00
R1 Cape Divine Pace12:15:00
R2 Cluse Brothers Tyrepower Pace17:52:00
R2 Sew Eurodrive Pace12:50:00
R3 Kalleske Chaff Pace18:24:00
R3 Hahn Premium Light Claiming Pace13:25:00
R4 Atkins Transport Claiming Pace18:54:00
R4 Troy Products Trotters Mobile14:00:00
R5 Italian Cup19:22:00
R5 Pfd Foods Fillies & Mares Pace14:38:00
R6 Keith Preston Memorial Trotters Handicap19:52:00
R6 Austral Meats Pace15:18:00
R7 Schweppes Australia 3yo Pace20:30:00
R7 Sa Pacing Cup 10th January 2015 Pace15:58:00
R8 Clay & Mineral Sales Conditioned Pace21:05:00
R8 Pace16:35:00

Gloucester Park

R1 Vcm Coffee Making Machines Pathway Series Ms Pace (sky 1)18:33:00
R1 Princi Butchers 3yo Ms Pace (sky 2)19:26:00
R1 Tabtouch Fillies And Mares Ms Pace (sky 1)17:50:00
R2 Vince Nominees - Vince & Chris Scurria Ms Pace (sky 1)19:03:00
R2 Trotters Mobile (sky 2)19:56:00
R2 Retravision Westbred Ms Pace (sky 1)18:20:00
R3 Spud Shed Golden Nugget Prelude Ms Pace (sky 1)19:33:00
R3 Tabradio Conditioned Handicap Ss Pace (sky 2)20:32:00
R3 Ms Pace (sky 1)18:50:00
R4 Sealanes The Kersley Final (sky 1)20:03:00
R4 Next Payments Atm Ms Pace (sky 2)21:00:00
R4 Premier Suzuki Ms Pace (sky 1)19:20:00
R5 Del Basso Fresh Meats Italian Cup Ms Pace (sky 1)20:33:00
R5 Sully`s Painting Ms Pace (sky 1)21:32:00
R5 Sky Racing Trotters Conditioned Handicap (sky 1)19:50:00
R6 Del Basso Smallgoods Parliamentarians Cup (sky 1)21:03:00
R6 The West Australian Westbred Conditioned Handicap Ss Pace (sky 1)22:05:00
R6 The West Australian Discretionary Handicap Ss Pace (sky 1)20:20:00
R7 Del Basso Smallgoods Mares Classic (sky 1)21:30:00
R7 Milne Feeds Mares Ms Pace (sky 1)22:35:00
R7 Gannon`s Pacing Colours Ms Pace (sky 1)20:45:00
R8 Progressive Supa Iga Ms Pace (sky 1)22:00:00
R8 Ross North Homes Ms Pace (sky 1)23:05:00
R9 Iga Stores Ms Pace (sky 1)22:30:00
R10 Barbaro Bros Butchers Conditioned Handicap Ss Pace (sky 1)23:00:00


R1 John And Jan Doyle 3yo Ms Pace (sky 2)20:17:00
R2 Scott And Kristy Betteridge Ms Pace (sky 2)20:42:00
R3 Wedge Wire Screen Ms Pace (sky 1)21:10:00
R4 Office Staff Ms Pace (sky 1)21:45:00
R5 Specialised Engineering Ms Pace (sky 1)22:15:00
R6 Labour Hire Conditioned Handicap Ss Pace (sky 1 & 2)22:45:00
R7 Workshop Fillies And Mares Ms Pace (sky 1 & 2)23:15:00
R8 Underground Ms Pace (sky 1 & 2)23:43:00


R1 Lancefield Motors Pace (1st Heat)16:33:00
R2 Mustad Lowdens Saddlery Pace (2nd Heat)17:02:00
R3 Gisborne Power Products Trot17:32:00
R4 Bendigo Community Bank Lancefield Trot18:03:00
R5 Nike & Atlas Lancefield Cup18:33:00
R6 North Western Real Estate Pace (1st Heat)19:03:00
R7 David Miles Racing Stables Pace (2nd Heat)19:29:00
R8 Lancefield Automotive Pace (3rd Heat)19:56:00


R1 Jubilee Bakery Three Year Old16:23:00
R2 Sampan Pace Division One16:53:00
R3 Logan Derby Pace Division Two17:22:00
R4 Glascow Boy Stakes17:54:00
R5 Shirley Martin Mother Of Pearl18:20:00
R6 Doug Martin Danbury Park Cup18:52:00
R7 Lu Raider Pace19:24:00
R8 Going South Stakes19:48:00


R1 Pace16:50:00
R2 Tabcorp Park Melton Pace Final17:15:00
R3 Renown Silverware Trot17:46:00
R4 Sheron Park Trotters Handicap18:18:00
R5 Gordon Rothacker Memorial Championship Final18:45:00
R6 Angelique Club 20th Anniversary Free For All19:15:00
R7 Decron Horse Care Pace19:47:00
R8 Harness Breeders (vic) Melton Mares Championship20:25:00
R9 Empire Stallions Vicbred Platinum Country Series F Final20:57:00
R10 Breeders Crown Age Acceptance Due 1 Dec Claiming Pace21:25:00


R1 Sew Heavy Industrial Solutions Pace (listed)17:00:00
R2 Sew Driving Australian Industry Smoken Up Championship Final (group 2)17:30:00
R3 C-lite Robin Dundee Stakes (group 2)18:02:00
R4 Sew Driving Towards The Future Beautide Championship Final (group 2)18:30:00
R5 Sew Keeps You Moving Mount Eden Four Year Old Championship (group 2)19:01:00
R6 Bass Electrical Kevin Newman Cup (group 2)19:33:00
R7 Sew Eurodrive Miracle Mile (group 1 & Grand Circuit Event)20:10:00
R8 Sky Racing Carnival Of Miracles Stakes (listed)20:50:00
R9 Franco Australian Trotters Final (group 1)21:17:00
R10 Sew Driving The World Chokin Three Year Old Championship (group 2)21:45:00

Mount Gambier

R1 Empire Stallions Pace (heat 1)16:45:00
R2 Goodtime Lodge Pace (heat 1)17:10:00
R3 Alabar Stud Pace (heat 2)17:41:00
R4 Nevele R Stud Pace18:13:00
R5 Rosehill Stud 3yo Pace18:43:00
R6 Loddon Valley Trotters Handicap19:12:00
R7 Mountain View Stud Pace (heat 2)19:36:00


R1 Novacare Nemo's Three Year Old Pace12:16:00
R2 Swansea Rsl Club Staff Pace12:51:00
R3 Novacare Nemo's Pace13:26:00
R4 Swansea Rsl Club Staff Ladyship Pace14:01:00
R5 1143 Am 2hd Pace14:37:00
R6 Dfk Crosbie Competitive Stakes15:17:00
R7 105.3 New Fm Pace15:57:00
R8 Multicam Pace16:30:00


R1 Tabtouch With Cash Graduation Ms Pace (sky 1)14:45:00
R2 Ms Pace (sky 1)15:25:00
R3 3yo Westbred Ms Pace (sky 1)16:05:00
R4 Fbetting Made Easy. Tabtouch With Cash Mares Ms Pace (sky 1)16:44:00
R5 We`ve Uped The Game. Tabtouch Ms Pace (sky 1)17:10:00
R6 Be The Office Hero. Tabtouch With Cash Ms Pace (sky 1)17:38:00
R7 Quicker And Easier. Tabtouch With Cash Ms Pace (sky 1)18:10:00
R8 No Account, No Worries. Tabtouch With Cash Conditioned Handicap Ss Pace (sky 1)18:40:00

Port Pirie

R1 Hopkins Saddlery Pace (final) (sky 2)18:03:00
R2 International Hotel Pace (sky 2)18:29:00
R3 Les Duffield Memorial Pace (sky 2)18:59:00
R4 Barry Flink Memorial Pace (sky 2)19:29:00
R5 Pirie Fodder Supplies Pace (final) (sky 2)19:59:00
R6 Midstate Home Hardware Pace (sky 2)20:27:00

Swan Hill

R1 Mixx Fm Radio Pace16:58:00
R2 Burtons Store Pace17:30:00
R3 Tooleybuc Sporting Club Trotters Handicap18:00:00
R4 3sh Radio 3yo Pace18:30:00
R5 Swan Hill Buslines Pace19:00:00
R6 Tooleybuc Sporting Club Pace19:30:00
R7 Nyah Post Office Pace20:00:00
R8 Vicbred Platinum Country Series G (1st Heat)20:30:00


R1 Jana Group Warragul Pacing Bowl Re-opening Pace11:58:00
R2 3yo Pace12:33:00
R3 All Equip 3yo Pace13:08:00
R4 Melton Saddlery Sprint Pace13:43:00
R5 The Mick Achilles Pace14:20:00
R6 Don & Celia Collins Pace15:00:00
R7 Able Onsite Services Pace15:40:00
R8 Trotters Handicap16:20:00


R1 T & D Produce Ladyship Pace17:10:00
R1 Young Stock Feeds Pace16:38:00
R2 Tyrepower Young Pace17:40:00
R2 Mill Tavern Three Year Old Pace17:06:00
R3 Brian Maroney Electrical Pace18:10:00
R3 Hardy Bros Civil Construction Pace17:40:00
R4 David Hodges Memorial18:40:00
R4 Young Hotel Pace18:10:00
R5 Ray White Real Estate Young Cherry Festival Cup19:10:00
R5 Mimosa Banks Stud Encouragement Stakes18:40:00
R6 Redbank Lodge Standardbreds Pace19:40:00
R6 Trimech Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Pace19:10:00
R7 Sharons Hairline Pace20:10:00
R7 J & C Powderly Electrical & Renewable Energy Pace19:40:00
R8 David Glasheen Memorial20:40:00
R8 Newsxpress Young Pace20:10:00
$500 Free Bet