Albion Park

R1 C0 Only Pace11:57:00
R1 C7 Or Better Pace16:45:00
R2 Burwood Stud & Family Pace12:32:00
R2 Garrards Here On Track Pace17:13:00
R3 Quest Breakfast Creek Apartments Pace13:12:00
R3 Rio Meteor Sulky Band 5 Conditioned Pace17:38:00
R4 Sure Duz Mosquito Candle Pace13:47:00
R4 Horsepower Nutrition Band 5 Pace18:10:00
R5 Drive It With Horsepower Pace14:22:00
R5 Sure Products Qualifying Pace18:37:00
R6 Garrards Horse & Hound Claiming Pace15:03:00
R6 Book Your Parking Online With Secure Parking Band 5 Pace19:10:00
R7 Sky Racing Has You Covered Pace15:43:00
R7 Mercedes Benz Toowong Pace Qualifying B Pace19:35:00
R8 Burwood Stud Mares Qualifying Pace20:05:00
R9 Seymour Group Band 5 / Band 3 Mares Pace20:37:00
R10 Lunchbox Lodge Spelling Farm Trotters Discretionary Handicap21:07:00

Alexandra Park

R1 Dilmah 'for The Lovers Of Tea' Handicap Trot14:25:00
R2 Just Juice 50% Less Sugar Mobile Pace14:59:00
R3 Watties Pick Of The Crop Mobile Pace15:34:00
R4 Pukekohe Mobile Pace15:59:00
R5 Alabar Sires' Stakes 3yo Fillies Series (heat 2) Mobile Pace16:24:00
R6 Eta 'uppercuts' Handicap Trot16:50:00
R7 Tuakau Cossie Club Racing Section Handicap Pace17:19:00
R8 Firstflex Cables Mobile Pace17:44:00
R9 Hydroflow Distributors Mobile Pace18:14:00
R10 Auckland Co-op Taxis 300-3000 Handicap Trot18:44:00

Ascot Park

R1 Beachhouse Cafe Bar Trot08:40:00
R2 Net Ten Eom At Macca Lodge Fillies & Mares Mobile Pace09:12:00
R3 W R Keast Memorial Trot09:42:00
R4 Carriers Arms Hotel / Todd & Co Realty Mobile Pace10:12:00
R5 Southland Standardbred Breeders Fillies & Mares Mobile Pace10:44:00
R6 Ryder Plumbing Ltd Mobile Pace11:14:00
R7 Sir Lincoln Riverton Cup (handicap Pace)11:45:00
R8 Neville Cleaver Fishing Aparima Handicap Trot12:15:00
R9 Sbs Bank Mobile Pace12:50:00


R1 Neutradex Pace16:53:00
R2 Bedwells Feed Barn Star Trek Consolation17:23:00
R3 Regain Pace18:03:00
R4 Ration Balance Pace18:33:00
R5 Bedwells Feed Barn Stark Trek Final19:03:00
R6 Harness Special Pace19:33:00
R7 Mat, Cameron & Oliver Pace20:03:00


R1 Nottingham Castle Hotel Morrinsville Mobile Pace14:11:00
R2 Diprose Miller Fillies & Mares Mobile Pace14:38:00
R3 Farmsource Morrinsville Trot15:03:00
R4 Kate Villiger Memorial Mobile Pace15:29:00
R5 Cliff Thomas Patron Mobile Pace16:00:00
R6 John Villiger Memorial Mobile Pace16:27:00
R7 The Castle Bar & Grill Morrinsville Mobile Pace16:52:00
R8 Asteron Life Handicap Trot17:17:00

Globe Derby

R1 C2 To C3 Pace17:45:00
R2 Just Wrecking Toyotas Pace18:14:00
R3 Pace18:48:00
R4 Gilles Plains Rsl Pace19:15:00
R5 Maughan Thiem Ford Ranger Claiming Pace19:45:00
R6 Bgc Industrial Cleaning Supplies Claiming Pace20:15:00
R7 Lion Pty Ltd Trotters Discretionary20:45:00
R8 Harness Racing @ Globe Derby Park Pace21:15:00

Gloucester Park

R1 2016 Inter Dominion Begins Nov 25 Ms Pace (sky 1)19:20:00
R2 Inter Dominion Barrier Draw Dec 4 Ms Pace (sky 1)19:50:00
R3 Slater Gartrell Sports Inter Dominion Ladies Luncheon Dec 7 Ms Pace (sky 1)20:24:00
R4 Slater Gartrell Sports Inter Dominion Golf Day Dec 7 Conditioned Handicap Ss Pace (sky 1)20:55:00
R5 Inter Dominion Gala Dinner Dec 8 Ms Pace (sky 1)21:30:00
R6 Book Now For The 2016 Inter Dominion Ms Pace (sky 1)22:00:00
R7 The Preux Chevalier Classic (sky 1)22:35:00
R8 Trotters Discretionary Handicap (sky 1)23:00:00
R9 The Sports Daily Ms Pace (sky 1)23:30:00
R10 Westbred Ms Pace (sky 1)00:00:00


R1 Kilmore Toyota 3yo Pace17:10:00
R2 Bluecross Willowmeade Trotters Handicap17:40:00
R3 Kilmore & District Hospital Pace18:10:00
R4 Kilmore Dental & Specialist Centre Trot18:40:00
R5 Kilmore Racing Club Pace19:10:00
R6 Harness Racing Victoria Pace19:40:00
R7 Northern Fascia Pace (1st Heat)20:14:00
R8 Jet Roofing Pace (2nd Heat)20:44:00
R9 Cool Rooms Galore 3yo Trot21:10:00


R1 6ty Three Year Old Pace11:49:00
R2 Daikin Refrigeration Stakes12:24:00
R3 Crown Lager Stakes Division One12:59:00
R4 Brad & Julie Genesis Apartments Surfers Paradise13:34:00
R5 C5 To C914:09:00
R6 Longford Equine Clinic Stakes14:44:00
R7 C3 To C4 Pace15:19:00
R8 Mitavite Claimer15:59:00
R9 Get Well Greg Mansfield Stakes Division Two16:37:00


R1 Dnr Logistics Pace16:29:00
R2 Empire Stallions Vicbred Platinum Country Series C Final17:03:00
R3 Derby Royale Trotters Free For All (group 3)17:33:00
R4 Andy & Kate Gath Racing Stables Trot18:00:00
R5 M1 Only Pace18:30:00
R6 Alabar Pace19:00:00
R7 Decron Vicbred Trot19:30:00
R8 Breckon Farms Pace19:58:00
R9 Aldebaran Park Trot20:30:00


R1 Agl Energy Country Series Final (listed Classic)10:59:00
R2 Agl Energy Country Series Final (listed Classic)11:34:00
R3 Devine Drafting & Design Pace12:09:00
R4 Jlm Conveyancing October Stakes12:44:00
R5 Crown Electrical Pace13:19:00
R6 J C Caffyn Indigenous Drivers Plate (penalty Exempt Race)13:54:00
R7 Jmd Development Pace14:29:00
R8 Campbell Advisory Pace15:07:00
R9 Jill Mcgrath Franco Australian Trotters Final (group 2)15:49:00


R1 Outback Steakhouse Penrith Ladyship Pace16:37:00
R2 Nepean Village Pace17:07:00
R3 Rotary Club Penrith Valley Claiming Pace17:33:00
R4 Callaughan Partners Pace18:03:00
R5 Freedom Taxation Pace18:33:00
R6 Rotary Club Mulgoa Wallacia Pace19:03:00
R7 Septic Solutions Pace19:33:00

Port Pirie

R1 Ronnie Radcliffe Pace17:50:00
R2 Laucke Mills Pace (round 1)18:20:00
R3 Jack & Phyl Crocker Memorial18:50:00
R4 Henry Osborne Fodder Store Pace19:24:00
R5 Hopkins Saddlery Pace19:54:00
R6 Alabar Farms Pace (round 2)20:30:00


R3 Burwood Stud R0 Pace14:07:00
R4 Darren & Bec Ebert Pace14:42:00
R5 Garrards Horse & Hound Pace15:17:00
R6 Grand Prix Mazda Aspley & Caboolture Pace15:52:00
R7 Hustler Raptor Pace16:23:00
R8 Knudsens Betta Home Living Pace16:55:00


R1 Dpr Insurance Pace16:48:00
R2 Gv Equine Hospital Pace17:22:00
R3 Bohbron Park Trot17:48:00
R4 Hunter Rural Pace18:18:00
R5 Elite Horse Transport Pace18:48:00
R6 Betta Home Living Pace19:18:00
R7 Neatline Homes Pace19:48:00


R1 R1 Only Pace16:53:00
R2 Thrifty Car Rental Pace17:20:00
R3 Dome Financial Group Pace17:53:00
R4 Hazells Farm & Fertilizer Services Pace18:20:00
R5 Jackson Quality Meats Pace18:53:00
R6 Johns Auto Service Pace19:22:00
R7 Bmr Quarries Pace19:53:00
R8 R0 Only Pace20:23:00
R9 Buckpitt Accounting & Tax Pace20:52:00


R1 Mcguirk's Discount Tyre Service Pace17:39:00
R2 Hutcheon & Pearce Pace18:07:00
R3 Riverina Livestock Agents Pace18:34:00
R4 Temora Capital Chemist Pace19:04:00
R5 Temora Independent Competitive Stakes19:40:00
R6 Wayne Milgate Videos Pace20:07:00
R7 Whites Shoex Pace20:34:00


R1 Squidly Westbred Graduation Ms Pace20:07:00
R2 Kp Graduation Ms Pace20:34:00
R3 Budda Fillies And Mares Graduation Ms Pace21:15:00
R4 Budz Graduation Conditioned Handicap21:45:00
R5 Boyle's Shearing Service Cup22:10:00
R6 Tommy Graduation Ms Pace22:45:00
R7 Boyley Ms Pace23:10:00
R8 1422 Radio Great Southern Ms Pace23:45:00
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