Albion Park

R1 Pryde's Easifeed Trotters Handicap12:42:00
R2 Kevin & Kay Seymour Rising Stars Championship Band 5 - Heat 113:17:00
R3 Kevin & Kay Seymour Rising Stars Championship Band 5 - Heat 213:55:00
R4 Burwood Stud 2yo Pace14:37:00
R5 Lunchbox Lodge Spelling Farm Trotters Handicap15:12:00
R6 Changeover At Burwood Stud 2yo Pace15:43:00
R7 Egmont Park Stud 3yo Pace16:14:00
R8 Garrard's Here On Track Claiming Pace16:43:00
R9 C2 To C3 Pace17:18:00


R1 Gc32 Yearling Payment Due 30 June Nsw State Bred Pace16:30:00
R2 Stallion Tender Due 30 June Pace17:07:00
R3 Gc33 Foal Nominations Due 31 July Pace17:37:00
R4 Club Membership Due 30 June 3yo Pace18:07:00
R5 Bathurst Toyota Pace18:44:00
R6 Central West Plumbing & Gasfitting Pace19:14:00
R7 Shannon Springs Maiden Pace19:41:00
R8 2yo Pace20:12:00


R1 Alabar 3yo Pace17:00:00
R2 Empire Stallions Vicbred Super Series (3yo Trotting Fillies) (1st Heat)17:30:00
R3 Empire Stallions Vicbred Super Series (3yo Trotting Colts & Geldings) (1st Heat)17:55:00
R4 Empire Stallions Vicbred Super Series (3yo Trotting Fillies) (2nd Heat)18:30:00
R5 Sheahan Plumbing Pace19:02:00
R6 Aldebaran Park Trotters Handicap19:32:00
R7 Empire Stallions Vicbred Super Series (3yo Trotting Fillies) (3rd Heat)20:03:00
R8 Empire Stallions Vicbred Super Series (3yo Trotting Colts & Geldings) (2nd Heat)20:30:00
R9 Empire Stallions Vicbred Super Series (3yo Trotting Colts & Geldings) (3rd Heat)21:00:00
R10 Worlds Best Hoof Oil Pace21:32:00


R1 Pace16:42:00
R2 Aldebaran Park Trotters Handicap17:10:00
R3 Mark Gurry & Associates Pace17:37:00
R4 Hyland Harness Colours 3yo Pace18:07:00
R5 Decron Pace18:42:00
R6 Hygain Pace19:18:00
R7 Christmas In July - 15/7 Pace19:53:00
R8 Blue Hills Rise Pace20:25:00
R9 Seelite Windows & Doors 3yo Trot20:55:00


R1 Niota Stud 3yo Pace16:56:00
R2 Echuca Moama Storage Pty Ltd 2yo Pace17:32:00
R3 A & R Water Solutions Trotters Handicap18:02:00
R4 Thank You To Our Volunteers Pace18:30:00
R5 Echuca Moama Print & Design Pace19:04:00
R6 Northern Rivers Equine Veterinary Clinic Pace19:34:00
R7 Echuca Workers & Services Club Pace20:01:00
R8 Bendigo Bank Pace20:32:00

Globe Derby

R1 Lion Dairy & Drinks 3yo Trotters Handicap12:42:00
R2 Pfd Food Services 3yo Pace13:17:00
R3 Just Wrecking Toyota's Pace13:52:00
R4 Hygain Pak-cell Trotters Handicap14:33:00
R5 Maughan Thiem Ford Mondeo Pace15:10:00
R6 Globe Derby Trainers Pace15:44:00
R7 C1 Only Pace16:22:00
R8 Claiming Pace16:51:00

Gloucester Park

R1 Book Into The Beau Rivage Restaurant 3yo Westbred Fillies Ms Pace (sky 1)14:23:00
R2 $7 Pints At Jp`s Every Friday Trotters Discretionary Handicap (sky 1)15:03:00
R3 Chef Batsons Famous Ribs At Jp`s Westbred Ms Pace (sky 1)15:38:00
R4 Steelo`s Bistro At Gloucester Park Ms Pace (sky 1)16:14:00
R5 Book Your Next Conference At Gloucester Park Fillies And Mares Ms Pace (sky 1)16:40:00
R6 Buy A Share In A Horse With Trotsynd Ms Pace (sky 1)17:05:00
R7 Follow Gloucester Park On Facebook Ms Pace (sky 1)17:39:00
R8 Ms Pace (sky 1)18:11:00


R1 Wimmera Mail-times Trotters Handicap11:45:00
R2 Cordina Farms 3yo Pace12:20:00
R3 Zilco Harness 2yo Pace12:55:00
R4 Roma Pocock Dress Rugs Pace13:33:00
R5 Harness Breeders Victoria Pace14:13:00
R6 Western District Horse Transport Pace14:50:00
R7 Hyland Race Colours Pace15:24:00
R8 Grafx Inc - Designs 'n Signs Pace16:07:00


R1 Aldebaran Park Trot11:15:00
R2 Seelite Windows & Doors Trot (1st Div)11:44:00
R3 Empire Stallions Vicbred Super Series (2yo Trotting Fillies) (1st Heat)12:19:00
R4 Empire Stallions Vicbred Super Series (2yo Trotting Colts & Geldings) (1st Heat)12:53:00
R5 Empire Stallions Vicbred Super Series (2yo Trotting Colts & Geldings) (2nd Heat)13:33:00
R6 Empire Stallions Vicbred Super Series (2yo Trotting Fillies) (2nd Heat)14:08:00
R7 Harness Breeders Victoria Pace14:43:00
R8 Humbletonian Day 31 August Pace15:18:00
R9 Seelite Windows & Doors Trot (2nd Div)15:50:00


R1 3C0 Only Pace13:03:00
R2 Dm Plumbing Trotters Standing Start Handicap13:38:00
R3 Macarthur Lexus Pace14:17:00
R4 Allied Express Pace14:52:00
R5 C91.3fm Pace15:23:00
R6 Garrards Horse And Hound Claiming Pace16:03:00
R7 Christmas In July At Club Menangle Claiming Pace16:35:00
R8 National Trotguide Pace17:10:00


R1 Pacers Restaurant Winter Warmers Three Year Fillies Pace11:52:00
R2 Ave Technologies Three Year Old Colts & Geldings Pace12:25:00
R3 Newcastle Transport Specialists Maiden Pace13:03:00
R4 Like Us On Facebook - Newcastle Ladyship Pace13:40:00
R5 Global Bloodstock Pace14:15:00
R6 Somerset Meats Pace14:50:00
R7 Follow Us On Twitter - Newcastle Harness Pace15:24:00
R8 Pfd Food Services Pace16:03:00
R9 Canadian Club Pace16:30:00


R1 3yo Ms Pace (sky 1)18:50:00
R2 Community Tab Ms Pace (sky 1)19:22:00
R3 Hlb Mann Judd Business And Financial Advisors Ms Pace (sky 1)19:52:00
R4 Wa Country Builders Ms Pace (sky 1)20:23:00
R5 Discretionary Handicap Ss Pace (sky 1)20:53:00
R6 Ebm Corporate John Higgins Qualifying Heat 1 Ms Pace (sky 1)21:29:00
R7 Avon Waste Ms Pace (sky 1)22:02:00
R8 Westbred Graduation Ms Pace (sky 1)22:30:00


R1 Ubet Pace17:22:00
R1 Power Up Lawn Mowers Pace16:14:00
R2 Redcliffe Leagues Club Conditioned Pace17:53:00
R2 Weekly Members Draw Winner Michael Sparkes Pace16:47:00
R3 No Gain Without Hygain Fillies & Mares Pace18:20:00
R3 Five Star Horse Transport Pace17:22:00
R4 Hustler Super Z Pace18:45:00
R4 Burwood Stud 3yo & Older Pace17:48:00
R5 Grand Prix Mazda Aspley & Caboolture Pace19:15:00
R5 Redcliffe The Better Bet Pace18:20:00
R6 Five Star Horse Transport Handicap19:45:00
R6 Darren Ebert & Co 3yo Pace18:53:00
R7 Stevie Redback Pest Control Pace20:14:00
R7 Qbred Means Queenslander 2yo Pace19:23:00
R8 Garrards On Track Here At Redcliffe Trot20:46:00
R8 Comfort Inn Northgate 2yo Pace19:54:00


R1 Union Club Hotel Pace16:27:00
R2 Southwest Stockfeeds Pace17:03:00
R3 C0 To C1 Pace17:43:00
R4 Terry Hinchcliffe Surveyors Pace18:10:00
R5 Nesbitts Furniture Ladyship Nsw State Bred Pace18:40:00
R6 J & C Powderly Electrical & Renewable Energy 3yo Pace19:13:00
R7 R H Blake & Co Pace19:43:00
R8 Boulevarde Motor Inn Pace20:14:00
R9 Conquest Pools 2yo Pace20:41:00
$500 Free Bet