Albion Park

R1 Jackpots Galore With Q1 Pace17:05:00
R2 Seymour Rising Stars Championship C4/c5 Final17:38:00
R3 Centenary Classic Mercedes Benz Q1 Pace18:07:00
R4 Lunchbox Lodge Spelling Farm Mares Q0 Pace18:40:00
R5 The Sprouley Stakes Q0 Pace19:12:00
R6 Trotters Discretionary Handicap19:40:00
R7 4bc 1116 Am News Talk & Sport Q2/q3 Pace20:10:00
R8 Garrards Horse & Hound Open Pace20:37:00
R9 Drive It With Horsepower Conditioned Q1 Pace21:07:00
R10 Secure A Spot With Secure Conditioned Q0 Pace21:32:00

Ascot Park

R1 Riverton Lodge Hotel Claimers Mobile Pace09:23:00
R2 Beachhouse Cafe Bar Mobile Pace09:53:00
R3 W R Keast Memorial Handicap Trot10:23:00
R4 Locations Real Estate/carriers Arms Hotel Mobile Pace10:53:00
R5 Neville Cleaver Fishing Handicap Trot11:25:00
R6 Southland Standardbred Breeders Association Mobile Pace12:01:00
R7 2014 Sir Lincoln Riverton Cup (handicap Pace)12:36:00
R8 Net Ten Eom At Macca Lodge Pace13:12:00
R9 Ryder Plumbing Ltd Mobile Pace13:48:00


R1 Jack & Linda Gale Trotters Handicap11:35:00
R2 Barooga Sports Club Pace (1st Heat)12:15:00
R3 Barooga Sports Club Pace (2nd Heat)12:55:00
R4 Barooga Sports Club Pace (3rd Heat)14:00:00
R5 Barooga Sports Club Plate (1st Heat)14:40:00
R6 Barooga Sports Club Plate (2nd Heat)15:10:00
R7 Barooga Sports Club Plate (3rd Heat)15:40:00


R1 Radio 2du Lordship Pace12:01:00
R2 Ladyship Pace12:37:00
R3 Grapevine Cafe Encouragement Stakes13:13:00
R4 Eastbake Pace13:49:00
R5 Dubbo Ten Pin Bowl Pace14:28:00
R6 Tab App Pace15:08:00
R7 West Dubbo Iga Pace15:48:00


R1 Geelong Signs Trot13:47:00
R2 Fox Digital Pace14:22:00
R3 Angove Family Winemakers Pace (1st Heat)15:02:00
R4 Basic Bookeeping Pace (2nd Heat)15:42:00
R5 Vale Ern Howard Pace (3rd Heat)16:22:00
R6 Vinmar Homes Pace16:55:00

Globe Derby

R1 Schweppes Pace17:22:00
R1 Daily Orange Juice Conditioned Pace12:20:00
R2 Davison Earthmovers Pace17:53:00
R2 Pace12:55:00
R3 Pace18:22:00
R3 Austral Meat Trotters Handicap13:30:00
R4 Hahn Premium Light Pace18:55:00
R4 Schweppes Pace14:05:00
R5 Daily Orange Juice Pace19:24:00
R5 Jim Hurley 90th Birthday Pace14:42:00
R6 Dick White 80th Birthday Trotters Handicap19:52:00
R6 Davison Earthmovers Pace15:22:00
R7 Cape Divine Pace20:22:00
R7 Kalleske Chaff Pace16:02:00
R8 West End Draught Claiming Pace16:38:00

Gloucester Park

R1 Tabtouch Mares Ms Pace (sky 1)17:45:00
R2 Ms Pace (sky 1)18:12:00
R3 Del Basso Smallgoods 3yo Fillies Ms Pace (sky 1)18:45:00
R4 Retravision Trotters Conditioned Handicap (sky 1)19:15:00
R5 Alltools Discretionary Handicap Ss Pace (sky 1)19:45:00
R6 Premier Suzuki Ms Pace (sky 1)20:15:00
R7 Ross North Homes Ms Pace (sky 1)20:42:00
R8 Mulberry Estate Westbred Ms Pace (sky 1)21:07:00


R1 World Of Tyres Dunlop Superdealer Pace (heat One)11:40:00
R2 Bidgee Bulk Pty Ltd Three Year Old Prelude12:20:00
R3 Leo Franco Motors Pace (heat Two)13:00:00
R4 Riverina Lift Trucks Pace (heat One)13:45:00
R5 Country First Credit Union Pace (heat Three)14:15:00
R6 Billabong Bottleshop Pace (heat Two)14:45:00
R7 Leagues Club Pace (heat Three)15:15:00


R1 3yo Ms Pace19:48:00
R2 Ms Pace20:18:00
R3 Ms Pace20:43:00
R4 Ms Pace21:15:00
R5 Ms Pace21:40:00
R6 Ms Pace22:05:00
R7 Ms Pace22:40:00
R8 Conditioned Handicap Ss Pace23:05:00
R9 Graduation Ms Pace23:40:00


R1 Mckillop Insurance Brokers Pace16:38:00
R2 The Examiner Stakes17:02:00
R3 Halibut Creative Stakes17:27:00
R4 Bevan Lee's Butchery Stakes17:52:00
R5 Impress Print Pace18:17:00
R6 Nichols Sound & Communication Stakes18:43:00
R7 Mitavite Stakes19:18:00
R8 Sunrise Bakery Free For All19:45:00


R1 Seelite Windows & Doors Vicbred Platinum Trotting Mares Sprint Championship (1st Heat)11:38:00
R2 Worlds Best Hoof Oil Trotters Handicap12:14:00
R3 Macks Fashion & Surfwear Pace12:50:00
R4 Carmel Dix Recognition Of Service Trotters Handicap13:26:00
R5 Avoca - Maryborough Community Bank Branches Maryborough Trotters Cup14:02:00
R6 Herring & Mcmillan Solicitors Pace (1st Heat)14:42:00
R7 Central Goldfields Shire Maryborough Gold Cup15:22:00
R8 Peter Egan Bi-rite Electrical Pace16:02:00


R1 Tab Early Quaddie Pace16:45:00
R1 C91.3fm Trotters Mobile10:47:00
R2 Tab Its Betting Season Pace17:17:00
R2 Hardy Bros Mining & Constructions Bulli Trainers Pace11:23:00
R3 Tab App Ladyship Pace17:45:00
R3 Coca-cola Amatil Sprint 15th November Three Year Old Pace11:55:00
R4 Agl Energy Tabcorp Park Menangle Counrty Series Final (listed Classic)18:15:00
R4 Tab Rewards Ladyship Pace12:29:00
R5 Tab $10k Quaddie Jackpot Pace18:45:00
R5 Cordina Chicken Sprint 22nd November Pace13:04:00
R6 Agl Energy Tabcorp Menangle Where Horses Fly Country Series Final (listed Classic)19:19:00
R6 Woodlands Stud Pace13:39:00
R7 Tab Nick Robin Free For All (group 3 )19:45:00
R7 Bohemia Crystal Pace14:14:00
R8 Pace20:15:00
R8 Garrards Horse And Hound Pace14:54:00
R9 Trotters Mobile20:45:00
R9 Sew Eurodrive Miracle Mile 29th November Pace15:34:00
R10 Sky Racing Carnival Of Miracles Pace16:14:00


R1 Coolup Stockfeed Supplies 3yo Ms Pace (sky 1)14:34:00
R2 Coolup Stockfeed Graduation Ms Pace (sky 1)15:14:00
R3 Coolup Stockfeed Oncourse Graduation Ms Pace (sky 1)15:54:00
R4 Coolup Stockfeeds Supplements Mares Ms Pace (sky 1)16:30:00
R5 Coolup Stockfeed Convenience Trotters Mobile (sky 1)17:03:00
R6 Michael & Sarah Hall Westbred Ms Pace (sky 1)17:32:00
R7 Coolup Stockfeed Supplies Ms Pace (sky 1)18:02:00
R8 Coolup Stockfeed Conditioned Handicap Ss Pace (sky 1)18:31:00


R1 Join Us For Fashions On The Field Pace11:50:00
R2 Become A Redcliffe Member 3yo Pace12:20:00
R3 Knight Street Trainers Conditioned Pace12:50:00
R4 Thanks To Clerks Of The Course Pace13:50:00
R5 Qbred Means Queenslander Pace14:30:00


R1 Neatline Homes Pace (2nd Heat)16:55:00
R2 Imperial Count 3yo Pace17:30:00
R3 Hunter Rural Pace18:00:00
R4 Imperial Count Trotters Handicap18:32:00
R5 Niota Bloodstock Pace19:02:00
R6 Alabar Pace19:33:00
R7 Shepparton Bmw Pace (2nd Heat)20:00:00
R8 Empire Stallions Pace20:30:00
R9 Imperial Count Trot21:00:00

Swan Hill

R1 Toshiba Air Conditioning 3yo Pace17:05:00
R2 Lawrence And Hansen Pace17:30:00
R3 Braemar Air Conditioning Trotters Handicap18:00:00
R4 Solahart Pace18:28:00
R5 Laser Electrical Swan Hill Pace19:00:00
R6 Laser Electrical Kerang Pace19:30:00
R7 Laser Electrical Lighting Pace20:00:00
R8 Vicbred Platinum Country Series E (2nd Heat)20:30:00


R1 Angelique Club Pace16:46:00
R2 Dick & Anne Box Trotters Handicap17:20:00
R3 Terang Home Hardware 3yo Pace17:49:00
R4 Squires Supermarket Pace18:18:00
R5 Spring Harness Racing Cup18:48:00
R6 Vhrsc Pace19:16:00
R7 Bertocchi Smallgoods Pace19:44:00

Yarra Valley

R1 Christmas Bookings Now Pace10:42:00
R2 De Bortoli Pace11:22:00
R3 United Petroleum Trot (1st Heat)12:07:00
R4 Three Troupers Brewery Pace12:57:00
R5 Valley Vibe Festival 25 January Pace (2nd Heat)14:17:00
R6 Eastland Fashions 3yo Pace14:57:00
R7 Drink Drive Bloody Idiot Pace (3rd Heat)15:37:00
$500 Free Bet