Alexandra Park

R1 Cullen Breeding Mobile Pace15:15:00
R2 Smith & Partners Mobile Pace15:45:00
R3 Tropical Nights 9th & 16th October Handicap Trot16:10:00
R4 Kiwi Punters Champs Heat 4 Alex Park 18 Sept Mobile Pace16:35:00
R5 Central Landscapes Mobile Trot17:03:00
R6 Majestic Horse Floats Mobile Pace17:30:00
R7 Hydroflow Distributors Mobile Pace18:00:00
R8 Mitavite Trot18:25:00
R9 Jacobsen Headstones Mobile Pace18:54:00


R1 Strath Village Supa Iga Pace18:02:00
R2 Kieran Byrne Builder Pace18:27:00
R3 Simon Rosa Landscaping Trot19:00:00
R4 Welcome Aboard Barry Lyons 3yo Trotters Handicap19:30:00
R5 Harness Breeders Victoria Awards Night October 10 Pace20:00:00
R6 Bertocchi Smallgoods Pace20:30:00
R7 Santons Of Bendigo Pace21:00:00
R8 Strath Hill Butchers Pace21:30:00


R1 Dnr Logistics Battle Of The Claimers (1st Heat)17:02:00
R2 Battle Of The Claimers (2nd Heat)17:33:00
R3 N & J Carlin Painting Services Trot18:02:00
R4 Battle Of The Claimers (3rd Heat)18:33:00
R5 Gj Gardner Homes Bacchus Marsh Pace19:00:00
R6 Gravity Scaffold Solutions Pace19:30:00
R7 Jack Australia Pty Ltd Trot20:00:00
R8 Casey Classic (group 3)20:30:00
R9 True Roman Trotters Free For All (group 3)21:00:00
R10 Battle Of The Claimers (4th Heat)21:30:00


R1 Todd Mccarthy Pace (heat 1)16:53:00
R2 Luke Mccarthy Pace17:22:00
R3 Belinda Mccarthy Pace (heat 2)17:54:00
R4 Kerryann Turner Pace18:25:00
R5 Blake Fitzpatrick Pace (heat 3)18:52:00
R6 Pizza Pasta Schnitzel Nights @ Tabcorp Park Menangle Pace (group 3)19:22:00
R7 Ladyship Pace19:52:00
R8 Kubota Trotters Discretionary Handicap Standing Start20:22:00


R1 Visit The New Showroom At Grand Prix Mazda Aspley Pace17:19:00
R2 Stu Valentine 4 Bloodstock Ins Pace17:52:00
R3 Garrards Horse & Hound Pace18:17:00
R4 Members Draw Winner Stuart Valentine Pace18:50:00
R5 Burwood Stud Pace19:21:00
R6 No Gain Without Hygain Handicap19:50:00
R7 Comfort Inn & Suites Northgate Pace20:20:00
R8 Diane Gould Pace20:50:00


R1 Just Me Patsy Pace18:00:00
R2 Great Success Service Auction 06/09/15 Pace18:30:00
R3 Auckland Reactor Service Auction 06/09/15 Pace19:03:00
R4 Elite Horse Transport Trot19:30:00
R5 Dpr Insurance Brokers Pace (2nd Heat)20:00:00
R6 Shepparton Mixed Stock Sale Sunday Pace20:30:00
R7 Neatline Homes Trotters Handicap21:00:00
R8 Peak Service Auction 06/09/15 Pace21:30:00
$500 Free Bet