R1 Stu Vanentine 4 Bloodstock Ins Pace16:03:00
R2 Gc31 Yearling Payments Due 10 June Pace16:34:00
R3 Go The Blues Pace17:05:00
R4 Westco Three-year-old Pace17:36:00
R5 Tablelands Builders Two-year-old Pace18:10:00
R6 Group 1 Feeds Maiden Pace18:40:00


R1 Nrm Evolve 4yo Diamond (mobile Pace) (gr1)09:15:00
R2 Mitre 10 Mega Cambridge 2yo Ruby (mobile Trot) (gr1)09:50:00
R3 Ra & Jv Yarndley 2yo Diamond (mobile Pace) (gr1)10:25:00
R4 Stallions Australasia 4yo Ruby (mobile Trot) (gr1)10:58:00
R5 Dunstan Feeds 3yo Diamond (mobile Pace) (gr1)11:33:00
R6 Nrm Equi-jewel 2yo Emerald (mobile Pace) (gr1)12:08:00
R7 Sovereignty 3yo Ruby Trot (mobile Trot) (gr1)12:43:00
R8 Nrm Asset 4yo Emerald (mobile Pace) (gr1)13:18:00
R9 Sweet Lou At Woodlands 3yo Emerald (mobile Pace) (gr1)13:58:00


R1 Blue Hills Rise Pace17:55:00
R2 Aldebaran Park Trot18:30:00
R3 Decron Pace19:00:00
R4 Seelite Windows & Doors Pace (1st Heat)19:30:00
R5 Pace20:00:00
R6 Mark Gurry & Associates 3yo Pace20:30:00
R7 Hyland Harness Colours Pace21:00:00

Forbury Park

R1 Just Essence Catering Trot14:53:00
R2 Washington Vc Fillies & Mares Mobile Pace15:20:00
R3 Congratulations Highlanders All Blacks Mobile Pace15:48:00
R4 Forbury Sprint Series Heat 1 Mobile Pace16:13:00
R5 Pryde's Easifeed Handicap Trot16:38:00
R6 Dunedin City Motors Mobile Pace17:05:00
R7 The Park Function & Events Centre Trot17:35:00
R8 Ricoh Mobile Pace18:03:00
R9 Next Meeting 8th June Mobile Pace18:29:00
R10 Forbury Park Claimers Series Heat 1 Mobile Pace18:57:00


R1 Geelong Harness Functions Trot17:55:00
R2 Top Cat Signs & Designs Vicbred Pace18:30:00
R3 Devcon Properties Claiming Pace19:00:00
R4 Aon Business Insurance Pace19:30:00
R5 Flying Brick Cider Co. Pace20:00:00
R6 Macrae & Co. Land Surveyors Trotters Handicap20:30:00
R7 Easywaste Waste Management Pace21:00:00
R8 Jims Mowing 3yo Breeders Crown Pace21:30:00


R1 Virbac Equimax Lv Trotters Handicap12:07:00
R2 Happy Hours @ West Side 2yo Pace12:42:00
R3 Zilco Harness Pace13:17:00
R4 Raglan Motor Inn, Warrnambool Pace13:52:00
R5 Grafx Inc Custom Helmets Pace14:33:00
R6 Norton Estate Wines Pace15:10:00
R7 West Side Horsham Series Final15:50:00
R8 Oringi Protection Wear 3yo Pace16:22:00


R1 Seelite Windows & Doors 2yo Trotters Handicap12:48:00
R2 Mick Clover Pace13:18:00
R3 Aldebaran Park Trotters Handicap13:48:00
R4 Central Goldfields Shire Pace14:18:00
R5 Emerson Printing 2yo Pace14:48:00
R6 Crameri Export Quality Chaff Pace15:18:00
R7 Peter Ashcroft Pace15:48:00
R8 Mcphersons Printing Group 3yo Vicbred Pace16:13:00


R1 Dnr Logistics Pace16:30:00
R2 Aldebaran Park Trotters Handicap17:02:00
R3 Haras Des Trotteurs Tatlow Stakes (2yo Trotters) (group 2)17:30:00
R4 Bacardi Lindy Mares Trot (group 2)18:00:00
R5 Mittys Young Pedro Free For All18:30:00
R6 Noel Simpson Memorial Victoria Trotters Oaks (group 1)19:00:00
R7 Pace19:30:00
R8 Empire Stallions Vicbred Platinum Metropolitan Pace Final (group 3)20:00:00
R9 Cogs Claiming Pace20:30:00


R6 Camden Rugby Union/crown Hotel Mount Eden Four-year-old Stakes (group 3)19:52:00


R1 Catherine Marion Ms Pace (sky 2)18:42:00
R2 Noel Norrish Mares Ms Pace (sky 2)19:10:00
R3 Leslie Norrish Ms Pace (sky 2)19:42:00
R4 Lauren Catherine Conditioned Handicap Ss Pace (sky 2)20:10:00
R5 Percy Norrish North Eastern Districts Derby (sky 2)20:37:00
R6 Wells Family Westbred Ms Pace (sky 2)21:10:00
R7 Herlihy Family Ms Pace (sky 1)21:43:00
R8 Meyers Family Graduation Ms Pace (sky 1)22:12:00


R1 Sky Racing Nsw State Bred Breeders Challenge Pace17:44:00
R2 G J Harris & Co Pace18:17:00
R3 Tab App Pace18:47:00
R4 Pace19:17:00
R5 Tab Rewards Pace19:47:00
R6 Club Paceway Pace20:17:00
R7 Tab Two-year-old Maiden Pace20:47:00


R1 Knudsens Betta Home Living Pace16:23:00
R2 Stevie Redback Pest Control Pace16:53:00
R3 Darren Ebert & Co Pace17:20:00
R4 Comfort Inn Northgate Pace17:47:00
R5 Five Star Horse Transport 3yo Pace18:17:00
R6 Garrards Sales Final Friday Night 2yo Pace18:50:00
R7 North Lakes Signs 2yo Pace19:20:00
R8 Michael Mcinally Photography Pace19:50:00


R1 Tab Rewards Pace13:03:00
R2 Thread Effects Two & Three-year-old Pace13:40:00
R3 Global Bloodstock Pace14:23:00
R4 Nevele R Stud Pace15:03:00
R5 Farrer Security Pace15:42:00
R6 Prydes Easifeed Pace16:14:00
R7 Millenium Signs Pty Ltd Pace16:46:00
R8 Hats Off To Country July 7-10 Pace17:16:00
$500 Free Bet