Albion Park

R1 Betta Home Living Virginia Trotters Handicap13:12:00
R2 Southern Queensland Plumbing 2yo Pace13:47:00
R3 Drive It With Horsepower Trotters Mobile14:22:00
R4 Sky Racing Has You Covered Pace14:57:00
R5 Seymour Rising Stars Championship C4/c5 Heat One15:37:00
R6 Centenary Classic Mercedes Benz Pace16:17:00
R7 Sure Products Conditioned Pace16:43:00
R8 Conditioned Pace17:08:00
R9 Seymour Rising Stars Championship C4/c5 Heat Two17:41:00


R1 Go The Blues Pace16:30:00
R2 Pepper Tree Farm Nsw Breeders Challenge Three Year Old Fillies Heat17:00:00
R3 Gc 30 Yearling Payments Due 5th June Pace17:37:00
R4 Pepper Tree Farm Nsw Breeders Challenge Three Year Old Colts & Geldings Heat18:10:00
R5 Inland Technology Three Year Old Colts & Geldings Pace18:42:00
R6 Knickerbocker Hotel Two Year Old Pace19:10:00
R7 Lexus Of Dubbo Pace19:40:00
R8 Shannon Springs Three Year Old Fillies Pace20:10:00


R1 Bendigo Advertiser 2yo Pace17:30:00
R2 Vantage Fuels Pace17:58:00
R3 Bendigo Tafe Monte18:30:00
R4 Aldebaran Park 3yo Trotters Handicap19:01:00
R5 Petstock Pace19:30:00
R6 Alabar Breeders Crown 3yo Pace20:00:00
R7 Schweppes Pace20:30:00
R8 Great Ocean Road Real Estate Pace21:00:00


R6 Three Year Old Classic14:44:00
R7 South West Fuel Centre Wattle Time Cup15:14:00
R8 Agl Energy Tabcorp Park Menangle Country Series Heat15:41:00


R1 Maxfield Drilling Pace17:30:00
R2 Corrosion Technology Pace18:00:00
R3 Bullock Consulting Youngbloods Heat Three18:35:00
R4 Adam Brooks Group Pace19:03:00
R5 Bullock Consulting Youngbloods Heat Four19:36:00
R6 Hardings Hotmix Pace20:04:00
R7 Tasracing Mobile20:32:00
R8 Centre Newsagency Claimer20:59:00


R1 Jims Mowing 3yo Pace16:39:00
R2 Lara Lions Club Trot17:09:00
R3 Razors Edge Barber Shop Point Cook Pace17:39:00
R4 Lara Laundrette 3yo Pace18:12:00
R5 James & Son Pace (1st Heat)18:47:00
R6 Rth Carpentry Torquay Pace (2nd Heat)19:22:00
R7 First National Real Estate Lara Pace19:50:00
R8 Rth Carpentry Torquay Pace (3rd Heat)20:20:00
R9 Licola Wilderness Village Trot20:45:00

Globe Derby

R1 Maughan Thiem Ford Pace12:04:00
R2 Hopkins Saddlery Pace12:39:00
R3 Lion Dairy Products Pace13:14:00
R4 S A Botra Xmas In July Pace13:49:00
R5 Kalleske Chaff Trotters Mobile14:27:00
R6 Globe Derby Catering 3yo Pace15:05:00
R7 Austral Meat Pace15:45:00
R8 Pace16:25:00
R9 Sahrc Forward Pace17:00:00
R10 Sa Brewing Pace17:25:00

Gloucester Park

R1 2yo Fillies Diamond Qualifying Heat (sky 1)18:47:00
R2 Ross North Homes 2yo Fillies Diamond Qualifying Heat 219:17:00
R3 Next Payments 2yo Fillies Diamond Qualifying Heat 319:47:00
R4 Community Newspaper Group Ms Pace (sky 1)20:17:00
R5 The Gate Bar & Bistro Ms Pace (sky 1)20:47:00
R6 Milne Feeds Ms Pace (sky 1)21:17:00
R7 Slater Gartrell Sports Discretionary Handicap Ss Pace (sky 1)21:45:00
R8 Alltools Westbred Ms Pace (sky 1)22:10:00


R1 Landmark Two Year Old Pace12:14:00
R2 J & C Powderly Electrical & Renewable Energy Services Pace12:49:00
R3 Goulburn Livestock Transport Services Battlers Stakes13:24:00
R4 Hollingworth Cranes Pace13:59:00
R5 Three Year Old Pace14:37:00
R6 Goulburn Soldiers Club Pace15:17:00
R7 Glenferrie Farm Pace15:57:00


R1 Ranvet Pace17:29:00
R2 Bullock Consulting Youngbloods Heat One17:59:00
R3 Mitavite Pace18:34:00
R4 Bullock Consulting Youngbloods Heat Two19:09:00
R5 Hygain Pace19:42:00
R6 Brighton Cup20:12:00
R7 Hobart Pace20:35:00
R8 Light Harness Tasmania 2yo21:00:00


R1 Conways 3yo Pace12:09:00
R2 Wimmera Roadways 3yo Pace12:44:00
R3 Betta Electrical Horsham Pace13:19:00
R4 Westvic Racepix Trotters Handicap13:54:00
R5 West Side Horsham Series Final14:29:00
R6 Moore Bulk Haulage Pace15:07:00
R7 Bunnings Horsham Pace15:47:00
R8 Wimmera Mail Times Pace16:22:00


R1 Hrnsw Two Year Old Trotters Foundation Heat 313:24:00
R2 Agl Energy Trotters Standing Start Handicap13:59:00
R3 Pace14:34:00
R4 Million Dollar Cam @ Yirribee Stud Pace15:12:00
R5 Garrards Horse And Hound Pace15:52:00
R6 Fly Like An Eagle @ Yirribee Stud Ladyship Pace16:29:00
R7 Bohemia Crystal Pace16:56:00
R8 National Trotguide Pace17:22:00


R1 Rod Olivers Saddlery Pace 2yo Ms Pace (sky 1)14:22:00
R2 Zilco International Westbred 3yo Ms Pace (sky 1)15:00:00
R3 Racing Tack Equine Boots Ms Pace (sky 1)15:38:00
R4 New Blade Speed Race Wheels Fillies And Mares Ms Pace (sky 1)16:18:00
R5 Dux Anodized Race Wheels Ms Pace (sky 1)16:45:00
R6 Sprintwell Products Ms Pace (sky 1)17:15:00
R7 Fly In A Missile Race Sulky Ms Pace (sky 1)17:45:00
R8 Polar Heart Rate Monitors Conditioned Handicap Ss Pace (sky 1)18:19:00


R1 Garrards Horse & Hound Pace16:52:00
R2 Darren Ebert & Co Pace17:17:00
R3 Chris Petroff Driver Of The Night 3yo Pace17:47:00
R4 2015 Garrards Redcliffe Yearling Sales Series No.7 Heat One18:23:00
R5 2015 Garrards Redcliffe Yearling Sales Series No.7 Heat Two18:51:00
R6 2015 Garrards Redcliffe Yearling Sales Series No.7 Heat Three19:20:00
R7 2015 Garrards Redcliffe Yearling Sales Series No.7 Heat 419:50:00
R8 Reg Vidler Members Draw Winner Pace20:20:00


R1 Hunter Rural 3yo Pace18:00:00
R2 Victorian Equine Group Trotters Handicap18:33:00
R3 Just Me Patsy Pace19:00:00
R4 Helma Gash Pace19:30:00
R5 Ausure Insurance Brokers 3yo Pace20:00:00
R6 Ken Gash Pace (1st Heat)20:30:00
R7 Neatline Homes Pace21:00:00
R8 E K Bray Country Clubs Cup (1st Heat)21:30:00


R10 C1 Pace Ms13:44:00

Yarra Valley

R1 Imagination Play Pace11:51:00
R2 Trotters Handicap12:26:00
R3 De Bortoli Vicbred Pace13:01:00
R4 Yarra Glen Quality Meats Pace13:36:00
R5 Lilydale Instant Lawn Pace14:11:00
R6 United Petroleum Pace14:50:00
R7 Yarra Valley Forklifts Pace15:28:00
R8 Thanks Bruce Braun 3yo Pace16:08:00
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