R1 Play Contest Mobile Trot13:35:00
R2 Resource Recycling Technologies Nz Ltd Mobile Pace14:05:00
R3 Think Hellers For Summer Bbq's Mobile Pace14:35:00
R4 Lindauer Lawn After Dark Party 14 February Mobile Trot15:05:00
R5 Granite Benchtop Company Mobile Pace15:35:00
R6 Prodigal Seelster Canty Summer Of Speed Series (mobile)16:05:00
R7 Fahey Fence Hire Trot16:35:00
R8 Rnp Homes Ltd Mobile Pace17:05:00
R9 Shepherd & Kime Ltd Trot17:35:00
R10 Blair Cunningham Construction Mobile Pace18:04:00
R11 Total Drainage & Excavation Mobile Pace18:34:00


R1 1974 President - Mr Cyril Rayson Pace (sky 1)16:54:00
R2 1974 Albany And Districts Trotting Club Pace (sky 1)17:27:00
R3 Eric Bale And Family Stakes (sky 1)17:47:00
R4 Keith Bevan Appreciation Stakes (sky 1)18:15:00
R5 Norm Bain/bay Court Ms Pace (sky 1)18:42:00
R6 Peter Page/lady Willpower Discretionary Handicap (sky 1)19:09:00
R7 40th Anniversary Cup Ms Pace19:30:00
R8 Bob Rowlands/future Champ Ms Pace (sky 1)19:55:00
R9 Harold Reid Memorial Ms Pace (sky 1)20:22:00

Albion Park

R1 Garrards One Stop Shop Pace17:20:00
R1 Quest Breakfast Creek Christmas Cheer Conditioned Q1 Pace17:13:00
R1 It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas 3yo Pace12:14:00
R2 Download The Tattsbet App Pace17:50:00
R2 Seymour Rising Stars Championship C0 Final (listed)17:38:00
R2 Elves Encourage Pace12:48:00
R3 Betta Home Living Virginia Pace18:20:00
R3 Sure Products Q2/q3 Pace18:13:00
R3 Frosty The Snowman Pace13:23:00
R4 M2 Xmas Pace18:50:00
R4 Tattsbet Seasons Greetings Q1 Pace18:40:00
R4 Seymour Rising Stars Championship C4/c5 Heat One13:58:00
R5 Sky Racing Has You Covered Pace19:20:00
R5 The Elves Use Atlas Copco Construction Tools Q0 Pace19:13:00
R5 Seymour Rising Stars Championship C4/c5 Heat Two14:33:00
R6 4bc 1116am Concession Drivers Pace19:50:00
R6 Seasons Greetings From Southern Queensland Plumbing Conditioned Q0 Pace19:38:00
R6 Who Will You Find Under The Mistletoe Pace15:08:00
R7 Lunchbox Lodge Claiming Pace20:20:00
R7 Reindeers Use Horsepower Nutrition Conditioned Q0 Pace20:10:00
R7 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Pace15:43:00
R8 Centenary Classic Mercedes Benz Trotters Handicap20:50:00
R8 Santa Drives A Centenary Classic Mercedes Mares Q0 Pace20:40:00
R8 Classic Christmas Claiming Pace16:18:00
R9 Sure Duz Mosquito Candle Pace21:20:00
R9 Merry Christmas From Knudsens Betta Home Living Claiming Pace21:10:00
R9 May Santa Fill Your Christmas Stocking Conditioned Pace16:54:00
R10 Trottips Delivering The Christmas Joy Q1 Pace21:37:00
R10 Merry Christmas To All From Aphrc Conditioned Pace17:24:00

Alexandra Park

R1 Pascoes The Jewellers Mobile Pace13:55:00
R2 Cullen Breeding Fillies & Mares Mobile Pace14:26:00
R3 Skin Specialist Centre Founders 1700 (mobile Pace) (gr3)14:55:00
R4 Breckon Farms Young Guns Series (heat 1) Mobile Pace15:25:00
R5 Peter Breckon Memorial (caduceus Club) Ladyship Stakes (mob) (gr2)15:55:00
R6 Rosslands Lyell Creek Stakes (mobile Trot) (gr2)16:26:00
R7 Alabar Classic (mobile) (gr2)16:55:00
R8 Happy Birthday Pauline Folwell Handicap Trot17:24:00
R9 Rosslands Queen Of Hearts (mobile) (gr1)17:55:00
R10 Architectural Stone Company Mobile Trot18:25:00
R11 Waters Concrete Contractors Ltd Mobile Pace18:55:00
R12 Sims Pacific Metals Handicap Trot19:25:00


R1 Bathurst Rsl Gold rewards flash Ladyship Pace17:08:00
R2 Bathurst Rsl Bistro bolt Pace17:40:00
R3 Bathurst Rsl Butcher shop bound Pace18:10:00
R4 Bathurst Rsl Fancy functions flash Pace18:40:00
R5 Bathurst Rsl Soldiers Saddle Final19:10:00
R6 Bathurst Rsl Cake & coffee double Three Year Old Pace19:40:00
R7 Bathurst Rsl Catering on the run Pace20:10:00
R8 Bathurst Rsl Benefits are better sprint Two Year Old Pace20:40:00
R9 Bathurst Rsl Membership dash Pace21:10:00


R1 Hip Pocket Workwear 2yo Pace12:07:00
R2 Evolve Accounting Claiming Pace12:42:00
R3 World's Best Hoof Oil Pace13:17:00
R4 Poggaharness 3yo Pace13:52:00
R5 Danny Clapp - The Good Guys Christmas Bonanza Pacers Handicap14:29:00
R6 Bendigo Harness Races December 30th Trot (1st Heat)15:09:00
R7 Bush's Produce Store Pace (1st Heat)15:49:00
R8 Bendigo Pacing Cup January 17th Pace16:29:00

Broken Hill

R1 Trevor Picken Appreciation Pace18:30:00
R2 Arthur Basten Memorial19:00:00
R3 Leesa Jane Mcinnes Hacc Services Memorial19:30:00
R4 Kerry Halliday Memorial20:00:00
R5 Danns Of Broken Hill Pace20:30:00


R1 Hush House Harriers Graduation Handicap Ss Pace20:34:00
R2 Wight And Emmett/ Milne Feeds Graduation Handicap Ss Pace (sky 2)21:05:00
R3 Albies Bistro Mares Sweetheart Series Discretionary Handicap (sky 2)21:35:00
R4 The jones boys Community Clubs Cup (sky 2)22:05:00
R5 Callows Southern Stars Series Discretionary Handicap Ss Pace (sky 1)22:30:00
R6 Wight And Emmett/equilibrium Fillies And Mares Sweetheart Series Discretionary Handicap23:00:00
R7 Geographe Timer And Hardware Graduation Handicap Ss Pace (sky 1)23:25:00
R8 Djb Building Graduation Handicap Ss Pace (sky 1)23:50:00

Globe Derby

R1 Davison Earthmovers Pace (final) (sky 2)17:51:00
R1 Bgc Industrial Cleaning Pace (sky 2)17:59:00
R1 Hygain Pace12:20:00
R2 Lion Dairy Foods Pace (sky 2)18:26:00
R2 Kalleske Chaff Claiming Pace (sky 2)18:29:00
R2 Davison Earthmovers Trotters Handicap12:55:00
R3 Sa Pacing Cup 1oth January 2015 Pace (sky 2)18:59:00
R3 Adelaide Galvanising Pace (sky 2)18:59:00
R3 Kalleske Chaff Pace13:30:00
R4 Clay & Mineral Sales 3yo Pace (sky 2)19:27:00
R4 Pace (sky 2)19:29:00
R4 Nevele R Stud Pace14:05:00
R5 Christmas Cup (sky 1)19:54:00
R5 Austral Meat Pace (sky 2)19:59:00
R5 Austral Meat Pace14:45:00
R6 Maughan Thiem Ford Focus Pace (sky 1)20:24:00
R6 Hopkins Saddlery Trotters Handicap (sky 2)20:29:00
R6 Hahn Premium Light Pace15:25:00
R7 Sa Brewing Trotters Handicap (sky 1)20:55:00
R7 Nevele R Stud Pace (sky 2)20:59:00
R7 Troy Products Claiming Pace16:05:00
R8 Pace16:45:00

Gloucester Park

R1 Kennards Hire 3yo Ms Pace (sky 1)19:33:00
R1 Just In Time Gourmet Westbred 3yo Ms Pace (sky 1)20:19:00
R2 Free Entry Boxing Day The Coulson Mares Qualifying Heat 3 (sky 1)20:03:00
R2 One Technology Ms Pace (sky 1)20:47:00
R3 Make Your Job Easy Ms Pace (sky 1)20:33:00
R3 Party In A Box Ms Pace (sky 1)21:17:00
R4 The Joy Hale 87th Birthday Ms Pace (sky 1)21:05:00
R4 Essential Balance Remedial Therapies Ms Pace (sky 1)21:45:00
R5 Merry Xmas Del Basso Smallgoods Ms Pace (sky 1)21:33:00
R5 Snap Printing Burswood Ms Pace (sky 1)22:15:00
R6 Mount Eden/no Dill Xmas Handicap (sky 1 & 2)22:05:00
R6 Bni Riverside Ms Pace (sky 1)22:45:00
R7 Kennards Hire Xmas Gift Final (sky 1)22:35:00
R7 Just In Time Gourmet Xmas Hampers Conditioned Handicap Ss Pace (sky 1)23:15:00
R8 Dean Young 50th Birthday Westbred Pathway Ms Pace (sky 1 & 2)23:00:00
R8 Westbred Ms Pace (sky 1)23:40:00
R9 Ms Pace (sky 1 & 2)23:30:00
R10 Kennards Hire Ms Pace (sky 1 & 2)23:55:00


R1 Landmark Goulburn Pace12:32:00
R2 Hollingworth Cranes Pace13:07:00
R3 Three Year Old Pace13:42:00
R4 Goulburn Soldiers Club Competitive Stakes14:17:00
R5 Glenferrie Farm Competitive Stakes14:57:00
R6 Goulburn Mulwaree Council Competitive Stakes15:37:00
R7 Divalls Earthmoving & Bulk Haulage Pace16:17:00


R1 Office National Pace Division One11:17:00
R2 Smithawards Hobart Pacing Cup Heat11:53:00
R3 Des And Kay Logan Memorial Pace (eric Reece Consolation)12:29:00
R4 Cripps Netball Club Pace13:05:00
R5 Eric Reece Memorial Final13:41:00
R6 Smithawards Tasmania Cup14:17:00
R7 Relish Catering George Johnson14:53:00
R8 Pack And Send Pace15:31:00
R9 Elderslie Horse Care Pace Division Two16:09:00


R1 Carnival Of Cups Sunday 25th January Competitive Stakes Pace17:12:00
R2 Merry Christmas Pace17:40:00
R3 Riverina Mini Trotting Pace18:07:00
R4 Judds Horse Supplies Competitive Stakes Pace18:34:00
R5 Next Meeting 17th January Pace18:57:00
R6 Happy New Year Pace19:25:00


R1 Harness Breeders (vic) Trotters Handicap17:02:00
R2 Christmas Lunch At Trackside Concession Drivers Pace17:32:00
R3 Merry Christmas From Kilmore Racing Club Vicbred Pace18:00:00
R4 Seafood Platter Dec @ Trackside 3yo Pace18:30:00
R5 Kids Day Out 4th January 2015 Pace19:00:00
R6 Book Now Wandong bus & coach turf cup Pace (2nd Heat)19:30:00
R7 Jet Roofing Pace20:00:00


R1 Merry Christmas Trotters Handicap17:05:00
R2 Empire Stallions Vicbred Pace17:34:00
R3 Empire Stallions Vicbred Platinum Home Grown Classic (3yo Trotting Fillies) Final (group 1)18:03:00
R4 Empire Stallions Vicbred Platinum Home Grown Classic (3yo Trotting Colts & Geldings) Final (group 1)18:30:00
R5 Summer Of Glory Pace19:02:00
R6 Harness Breeders (vic) Gold Chalice19:32:00
R7 Popular Alm Free For All (group 3)20:03:00
R8 Mittys Pace20:30:00
R9 Santa Claus Trot21:02:00
R10 Empire Stallions Vicbred Platinum Country Series H Final21:30:00


R1 Sky Racing Trotters Standing Start Handicap11:57:00
R1 Best In Beds 48 Months Interest Free Pace16:55:00
R2 Ladyship Pace12:32:00
R2 Best In Beds Flying Mile Pace17:20:00
R3 Hardy Bros Mining & Constructions Bulli Trainers Pace13:07:00
R3 Christmas Gift Final (group 3)17:48:00
R4 Wards Accounting Group Pace13:42:00
R4 Best Prices At Best In Beds Pace18:23:00
R5 Rydges Campbelltown Pace14:21:00
R5 Ladyship Pace18:50:00
R6 Camarda & Cantrill Ladyship Pace15:01:00
R6 Best In Beds Warrawong Pace19:18:00
R7 Form 700 Pace15:41:00
R7 Sleep Well, Best In Beds Pace19:50:00
R8 Sew Eurodrive Pace16:21:00
R8 Best In Beds Campbelltown Trotters Discretionary Handicap20:15:00


R1 Coca Cola Pace17:09:00
R1 Garrards Horse & Hound Pace12:31:00
R2 Lambton Law Pace17:41:00
R2 Newcastle Transport Specialists Pace13:06:00
R3 Nxfm Pace18:16:00
R3 Slick Chicks Three Year Old Pace13:41:00
R4 Lambton Law Pace18:53:00
R4 Coca Cola Pace14:16:00
R5 Mitavite Pace19:30:00
R5 Somerset Meats Competitive Stakes14:51:00
R6 Newcastle Herald Competitive Stakes19:56:00
R6 Mcguigans Wines Pace15:26:00
R7 Pfd Food Services Pace16:01:00
R8 Tooheys Pace16:36:00


R1 Premier Hotel 3yo Fillies Ms Pace (sky 1)13:57:00
R2 Xenon, Trotter Of The Year Westbred Ms Pace (sky 1)14:37:00
R3 Morgan Woodley, Driver Of The Year Graduation Ms Pace (sky 1)15:17:00
R4 Nigel Johns, Trainer Of The Year Trotters Cup Consolation (sky 1)15:57:00
R5 Stawa Graduation Ms Pace (sky 1)16:37:00
R6 $10,000 Xenon Trotters Cup (sky 1)17:05:00
R7 Tabtouch With Cash Ms Pace (sky 1)17:31:00
R8 Apg Yearling Sales Ms Pace (sky 1)17:57:00
R9 Merry Xmas To All Conditioned Handicap Ss Pace (sky 1)18:25:00


R1 Bishopdale/bush Inn Tabs & Tavern Harewood Mobile Pace08:45:00
R2 J D & E A Properties Ltd Trot09:15:00
R3 J R's Bar & Grill Home Of The $10 Roast Pace09:47:00
R4 Plough Hotel & Honorary Stewards Pace10:22:00
R5 Jack Behrns Memorial Handicap Trot10:58:00
R6 Taggart Earthmoving Ltd Pace11:34:00
R7 Calvert Cleaning Mobile Pace12:10:00
R8 Rangiora New World Summer Cup (handicap Pace)12:46:00
R9 North Canterbury Trotting Workouts Committee Handicap Trot13:22:00
R10 Next Meeting At Rangiora 31st December Mobile Pace13:58:00
R11 Merry Christmas From Rangiora Hrc Pace14:34:00


R1 Saddleworld Shepparton Trotters Handicap16:45:00
R2 Elite Horse Transport 3yo Pace17:25:00
R3 Ginos Pizza & Pasta Pace17:54:00
R4 Ausure Insurance Brokers Pace18:24:00
R5 Shepparton Bmw Pace18:54:00
R6 Neatline Homes Pace19:24:00
R7 A.h. (pete) Rathjen Memorial Pace19:54:00
R8 Grenada Park Breeders Crown Pace20:24:00
R9 Hunter Rural Pace20:54:00
R10 Victorian Equine Group Pace21:25:00


R1 The Standard Pace16:35:00
R2 Reichas Stores Terang & Cobden Pace17:03:00
R3 Dick & Anne Box Pace Final17:32:00
R4 I R Lee Trotters Handicap17:59:00
R5 Silvan Ridge Business Advisers Gold Bracelet18:22:00
R6 Terang Co-op Pace18:50:00
R7 Book For Cup Night Pace19:17:00
R8 Maddens Lawyers 3yo Pace19:37:00


R1 Greenline/john Deere Graduation Ms Pace (sky 2)20:09:00
R2 Greenline Ams Graduation Ms Pace (sky 2)20:43:00
R3 Greenline/manitou Westbred Mares Ms Pace (sky 1)21:12:00
R4 Greenline Logistics Ms Pace (sky 1)21:40:00
R5 Greenline Cup Ms Pace (sky 1 & 2)22:15:00
R6 Greenline/ranger Ce Ms Pace (sky 1 & 2)22:45:00
R7 Wagin Spreading Service Ms Pace (sky 1 & 2)23:10:00
R8 Greenline/kuhn Graduation Ms Pace (sky 1 & 2)23:45:00
$500 Free Bet