R1 Rnp Homes Ltd Mobile Pace13:57:00
R2 Haras Des Trotteurs Trot14:27:00
R3 Peek Exhibition Mobile Pace14:57:00
R4 Qeii Collision Repairs/cool Soda Nuggets Mobile Pace15:27:00
R5 Merry Christmas From Lamb & Hayward Mobile Trot15:57:00
R6 Airpark Canterbury - Offsite Airpark Parking Mobile Pace16:29:00
R7 Merry Xmas Bob Curragh From Specialty Seeds Mobile Trot16:57:00
R8 Graphite Developments Futurity Consolation Mobile Pace17:26:00
R9 Christchurch Casino Mobile Pace17:52:00

Albion Park

R1 Garrards Here On Track Pace18:54:00
R1 Ubet Claiming Pace17:08:00
R2 Ubet Conditioned Pace19:24:00
R2 2017 Garrards Australasian Young Drivers Championship - Heat 717:39:00
R3 2017 Garrards Australasian Young Drivers Championship Heat Five19:54:00
R3 2017 Garrards Australasian Young Drivers Championship - Heat 818:10:00
R4 Changeover @ Burwood Stud Pace20:24:00
R4 Mr Feelgood @ Egmont Park Stud Pace18:43:00
R5 2017 Garrards Australasian Young Drivers Championship Heat Six20:52:00
R5 2017 Garrards Australasian Young Drivers Championship - Heat 919:10:00
R6 Hurrikane Kingcole @ Egmont Park Stud 3yo Pace21:22:00
R6 2017 Garrards Australasian Young Drivers Championship - Heat 1019:42:00
R7 Kevin & Kay Seymour Pot Of Gold C0 Heat One21:50:00
R7 Egmont Park Stud 2017 Queensland Cup (g2)20:10:00
R8 Kevin & Kay Seymour Pot Of Gold C0 Heat Two22:15:00
R8 Egmont Park Stud 2017 Darrell Alexander Memorial Trotting Championship Final20:40:00
R9 Kevin & Kay Seymour King Of The Claimers Final21:10:00
R10 Garrards Horse & Hound Band 5 / Band 3 Pace21:35:00

Alexandra Park

R1 Hr Fisken & Sons Ltd Handicap Trot14:09:00
R1 Grand Park Mobile Pace14:15:00
R2 Irt Mobile Pace14:41:00
R2 Crombie Lockwood Bloodstock Mobile Pace14:47:00
R3 Sims Pacific Metals Mobile Pace15:09:00
R3 Smith & Partners Handicap Trot15:15:00
R4 Peter Breckon Memorial Caduceus Club Ladyship Stakes (mob) (gr2)15:39:00
R4 Giles Carpet Mobile Pace15:45:00
R5 Rosslands Lyell Creek Stakes (ffa Mobile Trot) (gr2)16:10:00
R5 Yhi Mobile Pace16:15:00
R6 Alabar 3yo Classic (mobile Pace) (gr2)16:40:00
R6 Generation Homes Auckland North Mobile Pace16:44:00
R7 Rosslands Queen Of Hearts (mobile Pace) (gr1)17:11:00
R7 Haunui Farm Handicap Trot17:16:00
R8 Lincoln Farms Bloodstock Franklin Cup (handicap Pace) (gr2)17:41:00
R8 New Year's Eve Auckland Cup Twilight Races Mobile Pace17:45:00
R9 Breckon Farms Young Guns Series (heat 1) Mobile Pace18:11:00
R10 New Years Eve Auckland Cup Twilight Races Handicap Trot18:41:00


R1 Vhrsc Snowball Series (2nd Heat)17:25:00
R2 Dnr Logistics 3yo Pace17:53:00
R3 Harryinton Aussie Bulldogs Pace18:23:00
R4 Geoffrey Templeton Memorial Trot18:48:00
R5 Ballarat Laundry Commercial Pace19:18:00
R6 Drever Signs Pace19:48:00
R7 Easywaste Waste Management Pace20:18:00
R8 Happy Birthday Christine Campion Pace20:45:00
R9 Serena Sheehan Claiming Pace21:15:00


R1 The Bathurst Rsl Club Bistro Pace16:27:00
R2 The Diggers Bar Pace17:03:00
R3 The Grind Pace17:33:00
R4 The Lounge Bar Pace18:03:00
R5 Bathurst Rsl Club Soldiers Saddle Final18:33:00
R6 The Bathurst Rsl Club Coffee Shop Pace19:03:00
R7 Al Fresco At The Bathurst Rsl Club Pace19:33:00
R8 The Bathurst Rsl Club Pace20:03:00


R1 Dnr Logistics Pace16:00:00
R2 Vhrsc Snowball Series (1st Heat)16:28:00
R3 Steel Deals Bendigo Trot17:04:00
R4 Evolve Accounting Pace17:32:00
R5 Gold Fm Pace18:00:00
R6 Bendigo Bank Pace18:30:00
R7 Cougar Bourbon Trotters Handicap19:03:00
R8 Merry Xmas Pace19:30:00
R9 Garrards Trot20:00:00
R10 Bertocchi 3yo Pace20:30:00


Interdominion Heat 408:00:00


R1 Act Tyrepower Belconnen Pace17:15:00
R2 J W O'sullivan & Sons 3yo Pace17:43:00
R3 Queanbeyan Carpets Pace18:17:00
R4 Relaxed Living Landscapes Pace18:56:00
R5 Dickson Tradies Christmas Cup19:27:00
R6 Liquid Promotions Pace19:56:00
R7 Lennock Motors Pace20:26:00
R8 Maiden Pace20:57:00

Central Southland

R1 Ab Lime Ltd Mobile Pace08:50:00
R2 Regent Car Court Trot09:20:00
R3 Donald Excavating Mobile Pace09:53:00
R4 Sbs Bank Mobile Pace10:28:00
R5 Central Southland Freight Handicap Trot11:03:00
R6 John Keenan Memorial Mobile Pace11:38:00
R7 Winton Top Pub Mobile Pace12:13:00
R8 Southland Standardbred Breeders Fillies & Mares Mobile Pace12:48:00
R9 Pgg Wrightson Sale Of The Stars Mobile Pace13:23:00
R10 Winton New Years Eve Races Mobile Pace13:53:00

Globe Derby

R1 Ubet Pace (sky 2)16:27:00
R2 Lion Dairy & Drinks Pace (sky 2)17:03:00
R3 Maughan Thiem Ford Focus Claiming Pace (sky 2)17:36:00
R4 Bgc Industrial Cleaning Supplies Pace (sky 2)18:07:00
R5 Dpr Insurance Brokers Pace (sky 2)18:46:00
R6 Fred Jones Trotters Cup (sky 2)19:17:00
R7 Hygain Micrspeed Pace (sky 2)19:47:00

Gloucester Park

R1 International Animal Health Products San Simeon Qualifying Heat 2 (sky 1 & 2)18:45:00
R1 Gt Insurance 3yo Ms Pace (sky 1)20:33:00
R1 Retravision 3yo Fillies Ms Pace (sky 2)20:16:00
R2 Tabtouch Inter Dominion Qualifying Heat 4 (sky 1 & 2)19:15:00
R2 Gannon`s Racing Colours Ms Pace (sky 1)21:00:00
R2 Westral Ms Pace (sky 2)20:45:00
R3 Retravision Inter Dominion Qualifying Heat 5 (sky 1 & 2)19:47:00
R3 Cowden Insurance Brokers Ms Pace (sky 1)21:27:00
R3 Perth Plasterboard Centre Trotters Mobile (sky 1)21:17:00
R4 Garrards Horse & Hound Inter Dominion Qualifying Heat 6 (sky 1 & 2)20:17:00
R4 Yes Loans Conditioned Handicap Ss Pace (sky 1)21:55:00
R4 International Animal Health Products Ms Pace (sky 1)21:45:00
R5 Choices Flooring Binshaw Qualifying Heat 2 (sky 1 & 2)20:50:00
R5 Direct Trades Supply Xmas Gift Qualifying Heat 1 (sky 1)22:20:00
R5 Westside Auto Wholesale Westbred Ms Pace (sky 1)22:10:00
R6 Clipsal By Schneider Ms Pace (sky 1 & 2)21:15:00
R6 Win Boost On Tabtouch Xmas Gift Qualifying Heat (sky 1)22:45:00
R6 Garrards Horse & Hound Ms Pace (sky 1)22:45:00
R7 Yes Loans Ms Pace (sky 1 & 2)21:45:00
R7 Last Minute Christmas Functions Available At Gloucester Park Ms Pace (sky 1)23:10:00
R7 Princi Butchers Ms Pace (sky 1)23:20:00
R8 Perth Plasterboard Centre Ms Pace (sky 1 & 2)22:15:00
R8 $7 Pints Every Friday Night At Jp`s Sportsbar Xmas Gift Qualifying Heat 3 (sky 1)23:35:00
R8 Abbott & Co Printers Conditioned Handicap Ss Pace (sky 1)23:55:00
R9 Free Entry With Your Ashes Cricket Ticket The Coulson Mares Qualifying Heat 2 Ms Pace (sky 1)00:00:00
R9 Alltools Ms Pace (sky 1)00:20:00
R10 Pacing Cup Fireworks Night Friday January 19 Mares Ms Pace (sky 1)00:25:00


R1 Dwe Plumbing And Electrical Ms Pace (sky 1)20:40:00
R2 Nexans Olex Ms Pace (sky 1)21:07:00
R3 Gerard Lighting Fillies And Mares Ms Pace (sky 1)21:35:00
R4 Nhp Electrical Engineering Products Ms Pace (sky 1)22:05:00
R5 Lighting By The Lakes Discretionary Handicap Ss Pace (sky 1)22:30:00
R6 Lakes Electrical Distributors Ms Pace (sky 1)22:55:00
R7 Fleming Family Ms Pace (sky 1)23:20:00


R1 Sunrise Bakery Pace11:36:00
R2 Cleghorn Farm Standardbreds Stakes12:11:00
R3 Merry Christmas Stakes - C1 Heat Three12:46:00
R4 Carlton Draught Pace - C1 Heat Four13:21:00
R5 Luxbet Luxdiv Pace - C2 Heat Two13:59:00
R6 Bevan Lees Butchery Stakes14:34:00
R7 Longford Equine Clinic Stakes - C3/c4 Heat Two15:12:00
R8 6ty Pace - C5/c7 Heat Two15:47:00
R9 Mckillop Insurance Brokers Claimer16:18:00


R1 Merry Xmas From Manawatu Hrc Handicap Trot13:46:00
R2 Henry's Plumbing Ltd Mobile Pace14:15:00
R3 Outback Trading Mobile Pace14:45:00
R4 Cartown Mobile Pace15:20:00
R5 Far North Sisters Mobile Pace15:52:00
R6 Rs Floor Coatings Mobile Pace16:18:00
R7 "aaa" Fencing Handicap Trot16:46:00
R8 Wenham Grain & Seed Mobile Pace17:11:00


R1 Dnr Logistics Pace16:58:00
R2 Aldebaran Park Trot17:30:00
R3 Pointon Partners 3yo Pace Final18:00:00
R4 Cablenet Industries Pace Final18:32:00
R5 Popular Alm Free For All (group 3)19:03:00
R6 Lion Batteries Pace19:30:00
R7 Seelite Windows & Doors Trot20:03:00
R8 Oze-lanka Pty Ltd Vicbred Pace20:33:00
R9 Geoff & Lorraine Barnes Pace Final21:02:00
R10 Olympus Feeds Pace21:27:00


R1 2018 Miracle Mile Packages Available Pace17:23:00
R2 Hyland Sportswear Pace17:50:00
R3 Design And Construct Electrical Pace18:25:00
R4 Cordina Chickens Ladyship Pace18:53:00
R5 Ainsworth Game Technology Pace19:20:00
R6 Club Menangle Christmas Gift Final (group 3)19:50:00
R7 Canadian Club Pace20:20:00
R8 My High Expectations Trotters Discretionary Handicap20:53:00


R1 Pace16:02:00
R2 Newcastle Transport Specialists Ladyship Pace16:35:00
R3 Jmc Building Pace17:07:00
R4 Lambton Law Pace17:40:00
R5 Newcastle Stevedores Pace18:17:00
R6 Newcastle Embroidery Pace18:51:00
R7 Norris Hairdressing Supplies Pace19:20:00
R8 Living The Dream Pace19:50:00
R9 Mark Hanlon Pace20:20:00
R10 Newcastle City Holden Pace20:48:00


R1 Parkes Farm Centre Three Year Old Pace12:27:00
R2 Vale Stan Wright Pace13:02:00
R3 Terry Brothers Carpet Court Pace13:36:00
R4 Byrne Clothing Pace14:16:00
R5 Harness Breeders Nsw Bonus Scheme Pace14:44:00
R6 Cunninghams Iga Pace15:10:00
R7 Pace15:37:00


R1 Shauns Sprint Harness Breeders Nsw Bonus Scheme Pace16:42:00
R2 Gillies Gallop Pace17:16:00
R3 Martins March Pace17:48:00
R4 Sunnys Scurry Pace18:15:00
R5 Metwest Engineering Pace18:45:00
R6 Tads Time Pace19:15:00
R7 Freilikhs Fiasco Three Year Old Pace19:45:00
R8 Jasons Jubilee Pace20:15:00

Port Pirie

R1 Hopkins Saddlery Pace (sky 2)17:29:00
R2 Laucke Mills Pace (sky 2)17:57:00
R3 Colin Nancarrow Pace (sky 2)18:29:00
R4 Cm & Ce Bishop Pacers Discretionary (sky 2)18:59:00
R5 Henry Osborne Fodder Store Pace (sky 2)19:29:00
R6 Risdon Hotel Pace (sky 2)19:59:00


R1 Clean Up Canterbury Trot08:35:00
R2 Country Feasts Ltd Pace09:05:00
R3 Jd & Ea Ashby Properites Ltd Mobile Pace09:35:00
R4 Fern Law Soliciters Fillies & Mares Maiden Pace10:10:00
R5 Taggart Earthmoving Ltd Mobile Pace10:46:00
R6 Jack Behrns Memorial Trot11:21:00
R7 Matt Blair Motors Mobile Pace11:56:00
R8 Rangiora New World Summer Cup (handicap Pace)12:31:00
R9 North Canterbury Trotting Handicap Trot13:06:00
R10 Keith Ussher Architectural Design Handicap Pace13:41:00
R11 Rangiora Hrc - Next Meeting 7th Jan Pace14:11:00


R1 Burwood Stud Sprint Lane Pace13:50:00
R2 Happy 82nd Birthday Des Bryant Pace14:23:00
R3 Driver Of The Night Chris Petroff Pace15:04:00
R4 Members Draw Winner Mick Sparkes Pace15:42:00
R5 Comfort Inn Northgate Pace16:20:00
R6 Five Star Horse Transport Pace16:51:00
R7 Garrards Horse & Hound Pace17:25:00


R1 Terang Co-op 3yo Pace15:59:00
R2 Morsbearings Pace16:28:00
R3 Dick & Anne Box Pace Final16:55:00
R4 I R Lee Trot17:32:00
R5 Silvan Ridge Business Advisers Gold Bracelet18:02:00
R6 Reichas Stores Terang & Cobden Pace18:34:00
R7 Barastoc Pace19:09:00
R8 South West Conveyancing Pace19:42:00
R9 Terang Trots January 2 Pace20:07:00


R1 Southwest Stockfeeds Pace16:52:00
R2 Steel Supplies Pace17:26:00
R3 Redbank Standardbreds Pace17:58:00
R4 Supermix Concrete Christmas Cup18:36:00
R5 Ladex Constructions Pace19:07:00
R6 Tab Harness Breeders Nsw Bonus Scheme Pace19:37:00
R7 Bedrock Landcsape Supplies Pace20:07:00
R8 Riverina Crane Services Pace20:36:00
R9 Income Tax Professionals Pace21:06:00


R1 Iga Wagin 7am - 7pm 7 Days Ms Pace (sky 1)16:42:00
R2 "wagin" A Great Place To Live Ms Pace (sky 1)17:17:00
R3 Ej + La Brockwell Mares Ms Pace (sky 1)17:47:00
R4 Brockwell Family Ms Pace (sky 1)18:17:00
R5 Shop Local Support Local Graduation Ms Pace (sky 1)18:52:00
R6 Wagin Burnouts Ms Pace (sky 1)19:27:00
R7 Iga X-press Ms Pace (sky 1)19:55:00
R8 Rob Blee Printing Graduation Conditioned Handicap Ss Pace (sky 1)20:20:00
R9 Merry Xmas Graduation Ms Pace (sky 1)20:56:00

Yarra Valley

R1 Zonzo Estate 3yo Pace12:32:00
R2 United Petroleum Trot13:07:00
R3 Nbd Designer Floors Pace13:45:00
R4 Ipac Solutions Pace14:23:00
R5 Mooroolbark Bowling Club Pace14:57:00
R6 Hargreaves Hill Brewery Pace15:32:00
R7 De Bortoli Pace16:07:00
$500 Free Bet