R1 Cup Day - Only 18 Days To Go Mobile Pace14:00:00
R2 Terror To Love Going For His '4th Cup' Mobile Pace14:25:00
R3 Shane Warne Is Coming To Cup Day Trot14:55:00
R4 Lindauer Lawn Cup Day Limited Tickets Available Mobile Pace15:25:00
R5 Westfield Riccarton Style Stakes - Cup Day Pace15:55:00
R6 Nrm Sires' Stakes Series No.31 (heat 5) Mobile Pace16:25:00
R7 Happy 50th Birthday Lynda Russell Handicap Pace16:55:00
R8 Kiwi Punting Champs - Last Heat 31 October Mobile Trot17:25:00
R9 Book Your Christmas Function At Addington Mobile Pace17:55:00
R10 Spectators - New Menus On Offer Now - Open Til Late Pace18:25:00

Albion Park

R1 Plumb It With Sqp Trotters Mobile10:37:00
R1 Garrards Horse & Hound Q2/q3 Pace16:35:00
R2 Horsepower Nutrition Pace11:02:00
R2 Seymour Rising Stars Championship C2/c3 Final (listed)17:10:00
R3 Sports Today With Psalty On 4bc Pace11:27:00
R3 Centenary Classic Mercedes Benz Q1 Championship17:35:00
R4 Sure Duz Mosquito Candle Pace12:02:00
R4 2014 Hal Thomas Claiming Championship Final18:10:00
R5 Trent Moffat Centenary Classic Mercedes Benz Young Achiever Pace12:37:00
R5 Rio Meteor Sulky Conditioned Q0 Championship18:40:00
R6 Follow The Trottips Blackbookers Claiming Pace13:12:00
R6 Garrards Veterinary Practice Q0 Championship19:05:00
R7 Silks Lawn Marquee Pace13:47:00
R7 2014 Garrards Queensland Pacing Championship (g1)19:40:00
R8 Brittany Graham Centenary Classic Mercedes Benz Young Achiever Pace14:23:00
R8 Chris Garrard Tq0 Or Better Trotters Handicap20:09:00
R9 Earlybirds New Farm Tab Open 9am Every Day Pace15:03:00
R9 The Garrard Family Q1 Pace20:37:00
R10 Lunchbox Lodge Will Spell It Pace15:43:00
R10 Thank You Garrards Conditioned Q0 Pace21:07:00

Alexandra Park

R1 Liquor Legends Mobile Pace14:35:00
R2 Len Hart Memorial Handicap Trot15:05:00
R3 Dunstan Feeds Pacing Fillies & Mares Series Heat 1 (mobile)15:35:00
R4 Alabar Sires Stakes Series 31 (heat 1) Mobile Pace16:05:00
R5 Direct Security Services Handicap Trot16:35:00
R6 Tegel Foods Mobile Pace17:05:00
R7 Dunstan Feeds Trotting Fillies & Mares Series Heat 1(mobile)17:35:00
R8 Hvac Scene 2 Mobile Pace18:05:00
R9 Dunstan Feeds Trotting Fillies & Mares Series Heat 2(mobile)18:35:00
R10 Edwards Sound Systems Mobile Pace19:05:00
R11 Belmont Linen Hire Trot19:25:00

Forbury Park

R1 Jj Otago/thompson Contracting Handicap Trot08:47:00
R2 Bishopdale/bush Inn Tabs & Tavern Harewood Mobile Pace09:12:00
R3 Life Members & Crawford Family Trot09:37:00
R4 Mornington Tavern/lyders Contracting Mobile Pace10:02:00
R5 Clutha Licensing Trust/bill Fitzgerald Contracting Pace10:27:00
R6 Tuapeka Lodge Fillies & Mares Mobile Pace10:52:00
R7 Night 'n' Day Handicap Trot11:28:00
R8 Selwyn Paul Memorial Tuapeka Cup Handicap Pace12:04:00
R9 Panspacificflight@macca Lodge Pace12:40:00
R10 Coach & Horses Inn/tuapeka Scanners Mobile Pace13:16:00
R11 Waihola Cafe & Bar/jeff & Colleen Young Pace13:52:00

Globe Derby

R1 Just Wrecking Toyotas Pace17:50:00
R2 Farmers Union Claiming Pace18:20:00
R3 Pace18:50:00
R4 Hygain Pace19:20:00
R5 Heineken Beer Pace19:50:00
R6 Maughan Thiem Ford Pace20:20:00
R7 Schweppes Trotters Mobile20:50:00

Gloucester Park

R1 Ms Pace (sky 1)19:33:00
R2 The West Australian Ms Pace (sky 1)20:03:00
R3 Melbourne Cup Luncheon Westbred Qualifying Heat 3 Ms Pace (sky 1)20:33:00
R4 Clipsal Conditioned Handicap Ss Pace (sky 1)21:04:00
R5 Mcinerney Ford Ms Pace (sky 1)21:35:00
R6 Tabtouch Preux Chevalier Final (sky 1)22:05:00
R7 Navy Cup (sky 1)22:35:00
R8 Del Basso Smallgoods Handicap Ss Pace (sky 1)23:00:00
R9 International Animal Health Ms Pace (sky 1)23:30:00
R10 Gannon`s Pacing Colours Ms Pace (sky 1)23:55:00


R1 Packaging Supplies Pace16:47:00
R2 Tattsbet Pace Division One17:17:00
R3 Pack And Send Hobart Pace17:40:00
R4 Take The Hassle Out Of Freight Pace Division Two18:03:00
R5 International Freight Solutions18:27:00
R6 National Freight Solutions Pace18:52:00
R7 Anything Anywhere Pace19:16:00
R8 Specialised Packaging Solutions Pace19:44:00
R9 Sutter Hanover Claimer20:08:00


R1 Kilmore Trackside Trot11:04:00
R2 Kilmore Racing Club Claiming Pace11:43:00
R3 Mitchell Shire Vicbred Platinum Mares Sprint Championship (2nd Heat)12:19:00
R4 J A Mazzetti Vicbred Platinum Country Series D Final12:55:00
R5 All Equip Constructions Popular Alm Sprint13:31:00
R6 Bendigo Bank - Wallan & District Community Bank Kilmore Trotters Cup14:02:00
R7 Jet Roofing Kilmore Pacing Cup (group 2)14:38:00
R8 Mcivor Estate Pacers Handicap15:16:00
R9 Tony Randone Memorial Pace Final15:54:00
R10 Elders Real Estate Pace Final16:27:00


R1 Welcome To Manawatu Raceway Fillies & Mares Mobile Pace14:05:00
R2 Glen Elgin Farm Mobile Pace14:40:00
R3 Scott & Lydia Dickson Racing Stables Mobile Pace15:15:00
R4 Matt & Marion Hickey Handicap Trot15:47:00
R5 Members Mobile Pace16:17:00
R6 Central Energy Trust Mobile Pace16:45:00
R7 Bettor's Delight Fillies & Mares Mile Series (mobile Pace)17:10:00
R8 Stephen Doody Racing Stables Mobile Pace17:35:00
R9 The Barrel Kitchen & Bar Mobile Pace18:00:00
R10 Racing Again Sunday Oct 26th Trot18:25:00


R1 Rotary Clubs Of Melton & Melton Valley Pace16:23:00
R2 Melton Electronics Claiming Pace16:50:00
R3 Sbg Accountants & Business Advisors Trot17:23:00
R4 Dhsteel Trot17:54:00
R5 Bacchus Marsh Bowling Club Pace18:24:00
R6 David Taylor Memorial Pace (1st Heat)18:54:00
R7 Melton Toyota Trot19:24:00
R8 Melton Home Timber & Hardware Pace (2nd Heat)19:54:00
R9 Abey Australia Pace20:24:00


R1 24 Hour Fight Against Cancer Burke And Wills Pace11:59:00
R2 Happy Birthday Charonne Driver Breakthrough Cup12:35:00
R3 Fishers Ghost Blue Blood Cup13:11:00
R4 Barton Park Golf Range Trainer Breakthrough Cup13:47:00
R5 Michael Brown Planning Strategies Indigenous Drivers Invitational Stakes14:15:00
R6 Katie Purnell Mighty Mouse Cup14:54:00
R7 Campbell Advisory Heffalump Cup15:34:00
R8 Jmd Development Trainer Breakthrough Cup16:14:00


R1 Raymond Terrace Mens Probus Competitive Stakes12:29:00
R2 Raymond Terrace Ladies Probus Pace13:04:00
R3 Bill Chidgey Memorial13:39:00
R4 Joe Lang Memorial14:14:00
R5 Fairfax Media Retired Employees Pace14:54:00
R6 Travel Managers Pace15:34:00
R7 Caduceus Club Of Newcastle Pace16:14:00


R1 Sky Racing Pace16:47:00
R2 Tab Pace17:12:00
R3 Pace17:47:00
R4 Tab Rewards Pace18:17:00
R5 Club Paceway Pace18:45:00
R6 Tab App Competitive Stakes19:16:00
R7 Weddings @ The Paceway Pace19:47:00


R1 Knudsens Betta Home Living Pace12:47:00
R2 Subscribe To The Daily Mail Pace13:22:00
R3 Darren Ebert & Co Pace13:57:00
R4 Stevie Redback Pest Control Conditioned Pace14:34:00
R5 Give Your Mare Every Chance At Burwood Stud Pace15:14:00
R6 Comfort Inn Northgate Pace15:54:00
R7 Kelatovit Aminogloss Pace16:30:00
R8 Garrards Horse & Hound Pace16:55:00


R1 3c0 To 3c1 Ms17:04:00
R2 C0 Only (mares) Ms17:30:00
R3 C1 Only Ms18:01:00
R4 T0 Or Better Ss18:33:00
R5 C1 Only Ms19:00:00
R6 C4 To C5 Ms19:31:00
R7 C2 To C3 Ms20:00:00
R8 C0 Only Ms20:30:00


R1 Uranquinty Hotel Pace17:06:00
R2 Blissfull Hall Pace17:39:00
R3 Empire Stallions Mares Classic18:09:00
R4 Whitings Dry Cleaning Service Football Premiers' Cup18:39:00
R5 Four Starzzz Shark Pace19:09:00
R6 Modern Art Pace19:40:00
R7 Village Jolt Pace20:10:00
R8 Western Terror Pace20:40:00


R1 Linger-a-while Bed & Breakfast Wangaratta 3yo Pace17:04:00
R2 Chicken Time Wangaratta Pace17:30:00
R3 Wangaratta Members Vicbred Pace18:01:00
R4 Poolside Wangaratta Trotters Handicap18:33:00
R5 Mcqueen's Removals Wangaratta Pace19:00:00
R6 Wangaratta Equipment Hire (we Hire) Wangaratta Pace19:31:00
R7 Garry Nash First National Wangaratta Pace20:00:00
R8 Transient Computer Service Wangaratta Pace20:30:00
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