Albion Park

R1 Tattsbet For All Your Exotics Q1 Pace16:45:00
R1 Find The Winners With Trotters Handicap11:54:00
R2 Seymour Rising Stars Championship C2/c5 Final17:15:00
R2 Southern Queensland Plumbing Fillies & Mares Pace12:29:00
R3 Atlas Copco Construction Tools Q0 Pace17:40:00
R3 Rio Meteor Sulky Pace13:04:00
R4 Seymour Group R3/r4 Final18:05:00
R4 Sure Products 3yo Pace13:34:00
R5 Experience The Centenary Classic Mercedes Benz Q2/q3 Pace18:38:00
R5 Hear All The Action On Radio Tab 1008 Am Pace14:09:00
R6 Drive It With Horsepower Q0 Mares Pace19:13:00
R6 Seymour Group R1 Heat 114:46:00
R7 4bc 1116 Am News Talk & Sport Q0 Pace19:40:00
R7 Knudsen's Betta Home Living Pace15:24:00
R8 Follow Trottips On Twitter Claiming Pace20:07:00
R8 Seymour Group R1 Heat 216:04:00
R9 Lunchbox Lodge Spelling Farm Trotters Discretionary Handicap20:40:00


R1 Rinnai Trotters Handicap17:27:00
R2 Mike Wardell Barrister & Solicitor Concession Drivers Pace17:55:00
R3 Breeders Crown Series 17 (2yo Fillies) (7th Heat)18:33:00
R4 Wendouree Wholesalers Trotters Handicap19:02:00
R5 Westinghouse Pace19:32:00
R6 Breeders Crown Series 17 (2yo Fillies) (8th Heat)20:02:00
R7 Cooke & Foley Pace (1st Heat)20:32:00
R8 Fisher & Paykel 3yo Pace21:00:00
R9 Breeders Crown Series 17 (2yo Fillies) (9th Heat)21:30:00


R1 Combined Team Services Trotters Ms (sky 2)18:44:00
R2 Mad-rhino Design & Print Ms Pace (sky 2)19:16:00
R3 Medic Aid Conditioned Handicap Ss Pace (sky 2)19:44:00
R4 Phoenix Petroleum Ms Pace (sky 2)20:19:00
R5 Frankel Street Liquor Ms Pace (sky 2)20:46:00
R6 Mitavite Manea Classic Ms Pace (sky 1& 2)21:14:00
R7 Happy 30th Birthday Ebony 3yo Fillies Ms Pace (sky 1 & 2)21:42:00
R8 Swan Draught Westbred Ms Pace (sky 1 & 2)22:15:00


R1 Decron Horse Care 2yo Pace16:49:00
R2 Aldebaran Park Trot17:20:00
R3 Cranbourne Trainers Bonanza Pace17:54:00
R4 Hyland Sportswear Pace (2nd Heat)18:30:00
R5 Ultra Signs 3yo Pace (1st Heat)19:00:00
R6 Choice Hotels 132 400 Pace19:30:00

Globe Derby

R1 Southern Cross 3yo Colts & Geldings (semi-final 1)18:20:00
R2 Southern Cross 3yo Fillies (semi-final 1)18:55:00
R3 Southern Cross 2yo Colts & Geldings (semi-final 1)19:25:00
R4 Southern Cross 2yo Colts & Geldings (semi-final 2)19:55:00
R5 Southern Cross 3yo Colts & Geldings (semi-final 2)20:22:00
R6 Southern Cross 3yo Fillies (semi-final 2)20:54:00
R7 Southern Cross 2yo Fillies (semi-final 1)21:22:00
R8 Southern Cross 2yo Fillies (semi-final 2)21:50:00


R1 Artesian Pace17:37:00
R2 Mr Crusty Pace18:13:00
R3 Running Edge Pace18:48:00
R4 Cripps Tas Netball Premiers 2014 Pace Division One19:18:00
R5 Elderslie Horse Care Pace19:46:00
R6 Cripps Pace Division Two20:14:00


R1 Lees Orchard Pace17:02:00
R2 Tasmanian Horse Transport Stakes17:40:00
R3 Furniture City Pace18:15:00
R4 Chartley Estate Two Year Old Division One18:45:00
R5 J Boag & Son Stakes19:15:00
R6 Jubilee Bakery Pace19:45:00
R7 Nichols Sound & Communications Pace20:06:00
R8 Kohnke Own Products Free For All20:26:00
R9 Mustad Australia Two Year Old Division Two20:46:00


R1 Success Stud Pace16:50:00
R2 Rydges Campbelltown Pace17:22:00
R3 C91.3 Fm Pace17:47:00
R4 Tabcorp Park Menangle Counrty Series Final (listed Classic)18:15:00
R5 Wards Accounting Group Pace18:50:00
R6 Tabcorp Menangle Where Horses Fly Country Series Final (listed Classic)19:20:00
R7 Agl Energy Winter Cup (group 3)19:45:00
R8 Lexus Of Parramatta Pace20:15:00
R9 Glenferrie Farms Trotters Discretionary Handicap20:47:00


R1 Parkes Leagues Club Pace16:40:00
R2 Mitavite Parkes To Cowra Heat One17:07:00
R3 Final Mitavite Pace17:35:00
R4 Parkes Awards Night 16th August At The Paceway Pace18:00:00
R5 Terry Bros Carpet Court Pace18:25:00
R6 Commerical Hotel Parkes To Cowra Heat Two18:45:00


R1 Bishopdale/ Bush Inn & Tavern Harewood Mobile Pace09:55:00
R2 Fernside Trot10:20:00
R3 Kaiapoi Fillies & Mares Mobile Pace10:45:00
R4 Ohoka Pace11:10:00
R5 Mandeville Mobile Pace11:35:00
R6 Swannanoa Handicap Pace12:00:00
R7 Cust Mobile Pace12:30:00
R8 Ashley Trot13:05:00
R9 Oxford Mobile Pace13:40:00


R1 Always A Virgin Three Year Old Pace11:23:00
R2 Sportswriter Pace11:59:00
R3 Rock N Roll Heaven Three Year Old Pace12:39:00
R4 Pepper Tree Farm Nsw Breeders Challenge Two Year Old Fillies Regional Final13:19:00
R5 Pepper Tree Farm Nsw Breeders Challenge Two Year Old Colts & Geldings Regional Final13:59:00
R6 Pepper Tree Farm Nsw Breeders Challenge Three Year Old Fillies Regional Final14:35:00
R7 Pepper Tree Farm Nsw Breeders Challenge Three Year Old Colts & Geldings Regional Final15:11:00
R8 Pepper Tree Farm Nsw Breeders Challenge Four Year Old Mares Regional Final15:49:00
R9 Pepper Tree Farm Nsw Breeders Challenge Four Year Old Entires & Geldings Regional Final16:24:00
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