Albion Park

R1 Southern Queensland Plumbing Pace18:20:00
R2 Drive It With Horsepower Pace18:54:00
R3 Lunchbox Lodge Will Spell It Pace19:24:00
R4 All The Punting Info At Pace19:54:00
R5 Sky Racing Claiming Pace20:24:00
R6 Experience The Centenary Classic Mercedes Benz 3yo Pace20:54:00
R7 Betta Home Living With Knudsens 2yo Pace21:24:00
R8 Atlas Copco Construction Tools Pace21:55:00


R1 Free Admission Pace16:50:00
R2 Pace17:20:00
R3 Albury Harness Racing Club Like Us On Face Book Pace17:45:00
R4 Agrison Tractors And Generators Pace18:10:00
R5 Agrison Tractors Pace18:47:00
R6 Three Year Old Pace19:07:00

Alexandra Park

R1 Irt Mobile Pace16:05:00
R2 Mcgregor Bailey Chartered Accountants Handicap Trot16:38:00
R3 Kevin Moore Memorial Mobile Pace17:03:00
R4 Belmont Wash House Handicap Trot17:28:00
R5 Lawton Building Limited Mobile Pace17:53:00
R6 Marconee Seafoods Handicap Trot18:18:00
R7 Grand Park Chinese Seafood Restaurant Mobile Pace18:43:00
R8 Grand Harbour Chinese Restaurant Mobile Pace19:08:00
R9 Robert Walters Mobile Pace19:33:00
R10 {A rocknroll dance n.i. harness racing awards} Mobile Pace19:58:00


R1 John Deere Gator Utility Vehicle Trotters Handicap18:13:00
R2 John Deere Compact Utility Tractors Pace18:42:00
R3 John Deere Financial 3yo Pace19:12:00
R4 John Deere M Series Tractors 2yo Pace19:42:00
R5 Nextra Stockland Trot20:12:00
R6 John Deere S Series Harvesters Pace20:42:00
R7 Cervus Equipment Pace21:12:00
R8 John Deere Grounds Care Pace21:42:00


R1 Welcome Tia Ray De Campo 3yo Ms Pace (sky 2)18:44:00
R2 In Memory Of Frank Macri Ms Pace (sky 2)19:14:00
R3 Mitavite Ms Pace (sky 2)19:39:00
R4 Schweppes Ms Pace (sky 2)20:14:00
R5 Perkins Builders Conditioned Handicap Ss Pace (sky 1)20:44:00
R6 City And Regional Fuels Ms Pace (sky 1)21:15:00
R7 Wight And Emmett Mares Ms Pace (sky 2)21:42:00
R8 Sky Channel Westbred Ms Pace (sky 2)22:15:00

Globe Derby

R1 Crows Foundation Charity Pace12:27:00
R1 Pace18:20:00
R2 Josh Jenkins & Brad Crouch Trotters Handicap13:03:00
R2 Horse Sa 15th Birthday Pace18:52:00
R3 Southern Cross 3yo Colts & Geldings (final)13:39:00
R3 Davison Earthmovers Pace19:22:00
R4 Southern Cross 2yo Fillies (final)14:14:00
R4 Just Wrecking Toyotas Pace19:52:00
R5 Southern Cross 3yo Fillies (final)14:50:00
R5 Pura Milk Trotters Handicap (heat 2)20:22:00
R6 Sa Farewells Trigger Pace15:28:00
R6 Austral Meat Pace20:52:00
R7 Southern Cross 2yo Colts & Geldings (final)16:06:00
R7 Hahn Premium Light Pace21:22:00
R8 Domenico Clemente Memorial16:43:00

Gloucester Park

R1 Legends Bar Westbred Pathway Series Ms Pace (sky 1)18:50:00
R2 Rigbys Bar 3yo Fillies Ms Pace (sky 1)19:20:00
R3 Durty Nellys Irish Pub Mares Ms Pace (sky 1)19:50:00
R4 Jb O'reillys Eatin & Drinkin Emporium Trotters Discretionary Handicap (sky 1)20:20:00
R5 The Botanica Bar And Bistro Ms Pace (sky 1)20:50:00
R6 The Generous Squire Ms Pace (sky 1)21:20:00
R7 Next Payment Atm Howard Porter Memorial (sky 1)21:50:00
R8 Moondyne Joes Fremantle Claiming Ms Pace (sky 1)22:20:00
R9 The Charles Hotel Ms Pace (sky 1 & 2)22:45:00
R10 Osborne Park Hotel Pathway Series Ms Pace (sky 1)23:10:00


R1 Sbg Accountants Trotters Handicap17:00:00
R2 2construct Pace17:25:00
R3 Homestead Stud Claiming Pace17:50:00
R4 Blacks A Fake Free For All18:25:00
R5 Sumthingaboutmaori Trotters Free For All (group 3)19:00:00
R6 Junction Hotel Pace19:30:00
R7 Tabcorp Park Melton Cup Final20:00:00
R8 Mediatec Pace20:30:00
R9 Sheron Park 3yo Pace Final21:00:00
R10 Mittys Pace Final21:30:00


R1 Form 700 Pace16:45:00
R2 Camarda & Cantrill Pace17:10:00
R3 Farmer Joes Chickens Pace17:40:00
R4 Bohemia Crystal Ladyship Pace18:05:00
R5 Garrards Horse And Hound Pace18:40:00
R6 Woodlands Stud Pace19:15:00
R7 Australian Pacing Gold Pace19:45:00
R8 Sew Eurodrive Ladyship Pace20:12:00
R9 Glenferrie Farms Trotters Mobile20:45:00


R1 Bill, Betty & Alan Lister Life Members Pace14:12:00
R2 Jim Gibbs Life Member Pace14:47:00
R3 Geoffrey Hepworth Life Member Pace15:23:00
R4 Len Skipper Life Member 3yo Pace16:03:00
R5 Irene Charles Life Member Pace16:42:00
R6 Barry Bottams Life Member Pace17:10:00
R7 Fred & Gwen Simmons Life Members Pace17:35:00


R1 Pfd Food Services Three Year Old Fillies Pace18:02:00
R2 Mcguigans Wines Three Year Old Pace18:30:00
R3 Slick Chicks Pace19:00:00
R4 Tooheys Pace19:30:00
R5 Somerset Meats Pace20:00:00
R6 Coca Cola Pace20:30:00
R7 Newcastle Herald Pace21:00:00
R8 Nxfm Pace21:30:00

Port Pirie

R1 Hopkins Saddlery Pace18:35:00
R2 Unibet Corner Pace19:05:00
R3 Pirie Fodder Supplies Pace19:35:00
R4 Elders Insurance Pace20:05:00
R5 Laucke Mills 3yo Pace20:35:00
R6 Henry Osborne Fodder Store Pace21:05:00
R7 Impress Promotions 2yo Pace21:35:00


R1 Redcliffe Leagues Club Q2/q3 Pace17:05:00
R2 Peninsula Lock & Key Q1 Pace17:30:00
R3 Tensioned Concrete Q0 Pace18:00:00
R4 Mayor Alan Sutherland Conditioned Q0 Pace18:35:00
R5 2014 Moreton Bay Regional Council Redcliffe Gold Cup (g3)19:10:00
R6 Race A Redcliffe Yearling Conditioned Pace19:35:00
R7 2014 Redcliffe Oaks20:05:00
R8 Des Webb Claiming Pace20:37:00
R9 Garrards Tq0 Or Better Trotters Mobile21:07:00


R1 Cordina Chicken Farms Two Year Old Pace13:54:00
R2 Newsxpress Young & Jaycar Electronics Encouragement Stakes14:29:00
R3 Ray White Real Estate Young Three Year Old Pace15:04:00
R4 Congratulations To Maroun & Samantha Pace15:43:00
R5 Ashley J Connor's Winners Cup Three Year Old Pace16:23:00
R6 Jaz Ando Classic Pace16:56:00
R7 Tabcorp Park Menangle Where Horses Fly Country Series Heat17:23:00
R8 Tabcorp Park Menangle Counrty Series Heat17:50:00
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