R1 Bishopdale/bush Inn Tab's & Tavern Harewood Mobile Pace13:30:00
R2 Lamb & Hayward Mobile Pace14:00:00
R3 Xcm Sport Mobile Trot14:32:00
R4 Alabar Sires' Stakes Fillies Series (heat 3) Mobile Pace15:04:00
R5 Graphite Developments Ltd Show Day Futurity Consolation(mob)15:35:00
R6 Nrm Sires' Stakes Series No.32 Silver Mobile Pace16:04:00
R7 Tyre General Trot16:36:00
R8 Avon City Ford Mobile Pace17:06:00
R9 Teltrac Communications Ltd Handicap Trot17:38:00
R10 Christchurch Casino Mobile Pace18:08:00
R11 Spectators Open 'til Late Mobile Pace18:37:00

Albion Park

R1 Drive It With Horsepower Q1 Pace16:41:00
R2 Rising Stars Championship C2/c3 Final17:09:00
R3 Betta Home Living With Knudsens Q1 Pace17:37:00
R4 Sure Products Q0 Pace18:11:00
R5 Sure Duz Mosquito Candle Conditioned Q1 Pace18:42:00
R6 Rio Meteor Sulky Q2/q3 Pace19:15:00
R7 Burwood Stud Q0 Pace19:42:00
R8 Atlas Copco Construction Tools Conditioned Q1 Pace20:12:00
R9 Sky Racing Has You Covered Mares Q0 Pace20:42:00

Alexandra Park

R1 Metalcraft Roofing Mobile Pace14:22:00
R2 Canam Mobile Pace14:53:00
R3 Smith & Partners Lawyers Mobile Pace15:24:00
R4 Mulcahy Engineering Fillies & Mares Mobile Pace15:54:00
R5 Auckland Plumbers Group Handicap Trot16:26:00
R6 Sims Pacific Metals Mobile Pace16:56:00
R7 Jacobsen Headstones Mobile Pace17:23:00
R8 Wormald & Adt Security Mobile Pace17:53:00
R9 Roofing Industries Mobile Trot18:23:00
R10 Alabar Mobile Pace18:53:00


R1 #loveballarat Vicbred Platinum Country Series E Final16:50:00
R2 Pace17:20:00
R3 Invest Ballarat 3yo Trot17:50:00
R4 3ba Christmas Appeal 3yo Pace18:20:00
R5 Pace18:50:00
R6 Eureka 161 Cup19:20:00
R7 Diamond Rewards Join Now Trot19:54:00
R8 Harness Breeders Victoria - Serving Your Interests Pace20:24:00
R9 Aldebaran Park Monte20:55:00
R10 Flying Horse Bistro Pace21:25:00


R6 Charlton & District Community Bank Pace16:13:00

Globe Derby

R1 Pace (final)18:17:00
R2 Adelaide Galvanising Industries Pace18:52:00
R3 Maughan Thiem Ford Focus Pace19:22:00
R4 Bgc Industrial Cleaning Supplies Claiming Pace19:52:00
R5 Keith Preston Memorial Trot (heat 1)20:17:00
R6 Ubet Pace20:50:00
R7 Schweppes Australia Pace (heat 1)21:20:00
R8 Nevele R Stud Trotters Discretionary (prelude)21:50:00

Gloucester Park

R1 Del Basso Wholesale Meat Supplies The Kersley Final (sky 1)19:03:00
R1 Tabtouch 3yo Fillies Ms Pace (sky 2)19:49:00
R2 Del Basso 5 Star Meat Supplies San Simeon Qualifying Heat 1 (sky 1)19:33:00
R2 Westral Mares Ms Pace (sky 2)20:22:00
R3 Westral Binshaw Qualifying Heat 1 (sky 1)20:03:00
R3 Retravision Ms Pace (sky 2)20:54:00
R4 Retravision Inter Dominion Heat 1 (sky 1)20:33:00
R4 International Animal Health Ms Pace (sky 1)21:27:00
R5 Del Basso Smallgoods 4yo Championship (sky 1)21:02:00
R5 Del Basso Smallgoods Conditioned Handicap Ss Pace (sky 1)21:55:00
R6 Tabtouch Inter Dominion Heat 2 (sky 1)21:33:00
R6 Kai Constructions Ms Pace (sky 1)22:25:00
R7 Tabtouch Parliamentarians Cup (sky 1)22:00:00
R7 Brear & Doonan Conditioned Handicap Ss Pace (sky 1)22:55:00
R8 Kai Construction Inter Dominion Heat 3 (sky 1)22:30:00
R8 Abbott & Co Printers Westbred Ms Pace (sky 1)23:25:00
R9 Vcm Coffee & Equipment Ms Pace (sky 1)23:00:00
R10 Vince Nominees Pty Ltd 3yo Ms Pace (sky 1)23:30:00


R1 Roofmart & Kalaire Ms Pace (sky 2)20:01:00
R2 Stevo`s Sprint Mares Ms Pace (sky 2)20:31:00
R3 Freerange & Goldfields Record Storage Ms Pace (sky 2)21:08:00
R4 Carol`s Courtesy Canter Ms Pace (sky 1)21:42:00
R5 2015 Dr Harry Clarke Memorial Ms Pace (sky 1)22:10:00
R6 Curtain Villa & Fiesta Canvas Ms Pace (sky 1)22:35:00
R7 Pete`s Handyman Special Discretionary Handicap Ss Pace (sky 1)23:10:00
R8 Goldfields Auto Spares & Benny`s Bolt Graduation Ms Pace (sky 1)23:40:00


R1 A Harness Christmas 10th Dec Pace16:55:00
R2 Bingo Every Friday @ Trackside Pace17:30:00
R3 Cool Rooms Galore Vicbred Platinum Country Series D Final18:00:00
R4 Kilmore Florist Vicbred Pace18:30:00
R5 Christmas Day Out 14th Dec 3yo Vicbred Pace19:01:00
R6 Jet Roofing Pacers Handicap19:30:00
R7 Christmas Day Luncheon @ Trackside Book Now Pace20:00:00
R8 Kilmore Agricultural Show 5th Dec Trotters Handicap20:30:00


R5 Bill Boyd & Associates Mobile Pace16:16:00
R6 Allan Mcneill Accountancy Mobile Pace16:45:00
R7 Woodlands Stud Fillies & Mares Mile (mobile Pace)17:14:00
R8 Cartown Palmerston North Mobile Pace17:39:00
R9 Manawatu Itm Mobile Pace18:05:00
R10 Quiz Night Saturday Mobile Pace18:35:00


R1 Dnr Logistics Pace17:01:00
R2 Vhrsc The Owners Voice Trotters Handicap17:28:00
R3 Empire Stallions Vicbred Platinum Country Series F Final18:00:00
R4 Schweppes Pace Final18:36:00
R5 Pointon Partners Lawyers Sokyola Sprint19:05:00
R6 Gordon Rothacker Memorial Championship Final (group 3)19:35:00
R7 Pace20:05:00
R8 Aldebaran Park Chris Howe Trotters Cup (group 3)20:35:00
R9 Andy & Kate Gath Racing Stables Vicbred Trot21:05:00


R1 Agl Energy Pace16:53:00
R1 Agl Energy Trotters Discretionary Handicap12:14:00
R2 Rideiculous Sunday 29th November Pace17:18:00
R2 Bohemia Crystal Three Year Old Pace12:51:00
R3 Garrards Horse And Hound Pace17:48:00
R3 Cordina Chickens Ladyship Pace13:28:00
R4 Agl Energy Tabcorp Park Menangle Country Series Final (listed Classic)18:25:00
R4 Garrards Horse And Hound Pace14:05:00
R5 Sew Eurodrive Pace18:56:00
R5 Wards Accounting Group Ladyship Pace14:45:00
R6 Agl Energy Tabcorp Menangle Where Horses Fly Country Series Final ( Listed Classic)19:27:00
R6 Ingleburn Bowls Claiming Pace15:25:00
R7 Tony Turnbull Free For All (group 3)19:57:00
R7 Rydges Campbelltown Pace16:05:00
R8 Tabcorp Trotters Spring Cup (group 3)20:27:00
R8 National Trotguide Pace16:40:00
R9 Pace20:57:00

Mount Gambier

R1 Darren Guthridge & Beljon Pastoral Co Pace (sky 2)18:16:00
R2 P & L Livestock & Real Estate Pace (sky 2)18:46:00
R3 Leroy's Bus Hire & Mil-lel Gardening Pace (sky 2)19:17:00
R4 George Kay Memorial Pace (sky 2)19:47:00
R5 Barry Mcintyre 3yo Memorial Pace (sky 2)20:17:00
R6 Harry Peacock Plumbing & South West Freight Pace (sky 2)20:47:00


R1 Tooheys Pace17:05:00
R2 Mcguigan Wines Ladyship Pace17:41:00
R3 The Moxa Cup18:14:00
R4 Dr. Ray's Summer Cup18:39:00
R5 Mt. Hutton Pet Hospital Christmas Classic19:09:00
R6 Mt. Hutton Pet Hospital Invitational Ladyship Pace19:39:00
R7 Mt. Hutton Pet Hospital Christmas Cup20:09:00
R8 Coca Cola Three Year Old Pace20:46:00
R9 Somerset Meats Pace21:15:00


R1 Club Paceway Nsw State Bred/breeders Challenge Pace16:47:00
R2 Path Finders For Legacy Pace17:15:00
R3 Ron Payne Memorial17:47:00
R4 Les Churchill Memorial18:18:00
R5 Merv Adams Memorial18:45:00
R6 Bob Green Memorial19:17:00
R7 Jimmy Robinson Memorial Three Year Old Pace19:47:00
R8 Cafe 140 Pace20:17:00
R9 Functions @ The Paceway Pace20:52:00


R1 C0 Only Ms11:36:00
R2 3c0 To 3c1 Ms12:11:00
R3 C1 Only Ms12:46:00
R4 C2 To C3 Ms13:21:00
R5 C5 To C6 Ms13:56:00
R6 C1 To C2 Ms14:35:00
R7 C1 To C2 Ms15:13:00
R8 C4 Or Better Ms15:53:00
R9 C1 To C2 Ms16:32:00
R10 C3 To C4 Ms17:07:00


R1 J & C Powderly Electrical & Renewable Energy Pace17:10:00
R2 David Hodges Memorial17:40:00
R3 Redbank Lodge Encouragement Stakes18:10:00
R4 Mimosa Banks Stud Pace18:40:00
R5 Young Carwash - Cherry Festival Cup19:10:00
R6 Sharon's Hairline Encouragement Stakes19:40:00
R7 Reynolds Smash Repairs Pace20:10:00
R8 Christy Park Maiden Pace20:40:00
$500 Free Bet