Albion Park

R1 Remembering 'keen Edge' Open Pace16:42:00
R1 Pryde's Easifeed Trotters Handicap12:33:00
R2 Kevin And Kay Seymour Rising Stars Championship C1 Final17:10:00
R2 Kevin & Kay Seymour Rising Stars Championship M0 - Heat 113:12:00
R3 Ubet Band 5 Pace17:38:00
R3 Aqwa Constructions Pace13:47:00
R4 Hurrikane Kingcole @ Egmont Park Stud Qualifying Pace18:10:00
R4 Kevin & Kay Seymour Rising Stars Championship M0 - Heat 214:22:00
R5 Changeover @burwood Stud Mares Qualifying Pace18:37:00
R5 Lunchbox Lodge Spelling Farm Pace14:53:00
R6 Seymour Group Qualifying B Pace19:10:00
R6 Kevin & Kay Seymour Triple-one-nine Torpedo15:33:00
R7 Rio Meteor Sulky Claiming Pace19:35:00
R7 Changeover @ Burwood Stud Pace16:08:00
R8 Garrard's Horse & Hound Band 5 Pace20:05:00
R8 Mr Feelgood @ Egmont Park Stud Band 5 Conditioned Pace16:40:00
R9 Ubet Pace17:07:00


R1 Morrisons Saddlery/zilco Mobile Pace08:32:00
R2 Ea Networks Trot09:00:00
R3 Ashburton Msa Liquor Centre Handicap Pace09:32:00
R4 Ashburton Guardian Handicap Pace10:07:00
R5 Hanley Formula Mobile Pace10:42:00
R6 The Trust Ashburton Flying Stakes (stand) (gr2)11:17:00
R7 Mainland Wool Handicap Trot11:52:00
R8 Ashburton Trotters Flying Mile (mobile) (gr3)12:26:00
R9 Mid Canterbury Trotting Owners Ladies Mile (mobile Pace)13:04:00
R10 Woodlands Stud 'sweet Lou' $4000 Special Continues Mob Pace13:42:00


R1 $5 Corona Special Westbred Ms Pace (sky 2)19:47:00
R2 Happy 40th Rosalind Figliomeni Westbred Ms Pace (sky 2)20:16:00
R3 President Trainer Of The Year Award To Barry Howlett Ms Pace (sky 2)20:56:00
R4 Bob Mcnight Driver Of The Year Award To Chris Lewis Ms Pace (sky 1)21:22:00
R5 Len Dalton Jnr Driver Of The Year Award To Michael Grantham Ms Pace (sky 1)21:50:00
R6 Mitavite Horse Of The Year Award To Master Jaxon Ms Pace (sky 1)22:25:00
R7 Retzlaff Memorial Graduation Ms Pace (sky 1)22:50:00


R1 Pace16:56:00
R2 Pace17:30:00
R3 Trotters Handicap18:00:00
R4 Pace18:30:00
R5 Pace19:00:00
R6 Pace19:30:00
R7 Pace20:00:00

Forbury Park

R1 Jj Otago/Thompson Contracting Trot09:10:00
R2 Clutha Licensing Trust/Panspacificflight Pace09:40:00
R3 Life Members/Crawford Family Mobile Trot10:12:00
R4 Lawrence Townhouse/Tuapeka Homes Mobile Pace10:47:00
R5 Night 'N Day Handicap Trot11:22:00
R6 Tuapeka Lodge F&M Mobile Pace11:57:00
R7 Selwyn Paul Memorial Tuapeka Cup Handicap Pace12:32:00
R8 Bill Fitzgerald Contracting/Young Family Mbl Pce13:07:00
R9 Lyders Contracting/Tuapeka Dipping Mobile Pace13:42:00

Globe Derby

R1 Ubet Pace17:45:00
R1 Pfd Food Services Claiming Pace14:14:00
R2 Wayville Trots Retro Night Friday October 27 Pace18:14:00
R2 Hygain Micrspeed Pace14:53:00
R3 Barry Ewen Memorial18:45:00
R3 Harness Racing Returns To Wayville This Friday October 27 Pacers Handicap15:33:00
R4 Bgc Industrial Cleaning Supplies Trotters Discretionary19:18:00
R4 Hopkins Saddlery Pace (round 1)16:07:00
R5 Schweppes Australia Pace19:43:00
R5 Ubet Trotters Handicap16:40:00
R6 Lion Pty Ltd Pace20:12:00
R6 Lion Dairy & Drinks Pace17:13:00
R7 Harness Racing Returns To Wayville October 27 Claiming Pace20:45:00
R7 Pace17:51:00
R8 Wayville Trots Retro Night Friday October 27 Pace (round 2)18:25:00

Gloucester Park

R1 Book Your Christmas Function At The Beau Rivage Restaurant Ms Pace (sky 1)17:47:00
R2 $7 Pints Every Friday At Jp`s Westbred Ms Pace (sky 1)18:17:00
R3 Ppc Ms Pace (sky 1)20:24:00
R3 Steelo`s Bistro At Gloucester Park Westbred Ms Pace (sky 1)18:45:00
R4 Soho Standardbreds Handicap Ss Pace (sky 1)20:55:00
R4 Book Your Next Conference At Gloucester Park Ms Pace (sky 1)19:15:00
R5 Statewest Building Supplies Malaga Ms Pace (sky 1)21:30:00
R5 Jp`s Sportsbar Ms Pace (sky 1)19:47:00
R6 Total Fitout Solutions Wa Ms Pace (sky 1)21:55:00
R6 Follow Gloucester Park On Facebook Discretionary Handicap Ss Pace (sky 1)20:17:00
R7 Perth Plasterboard Centre Mount Eden Sprint Ms Pace (sky 1)22:30:00
R7 Ms Pace (sky 1)20:45:00
R8 G & N Partitioning Mares Ms Pace (sky 1)23:00:00
R9 Amf Ceiling Tiles 3yo Fillies Ms Pace (sky 1)23:30:00
R10 Rescom Mgo Ms Pace (sky 1)00:00:00


R1 Westvic Fire Service Vicbred Platinum Country Series D (4th Heat)12:07:00
R2 Alexandra House Pace12:42:00
R3 Plastamasta Trotters Handicap13:17:00
R4 Western District Employment Services 3yo Pace13:54:00
R5 Ace Radio Mixx Fm / 3ha Pace14:34:00
R6 Taylor Motors Pace15:12:00
R7 South West Conveyancing Pace15:47:00


R3 Pete's Mechanical Ms Pace (sky 1)20:33:00
R4 Bon Bon Ms Pace (sky 1)21:02:00
R5 Loud Liam And Wesley Pipes Ms Pace (sky 1)21:40:00
R6 Claire Bear And Villain Dylan Fillies And Mares Ms Pace (sky 1)22:15:00


R1 Yarragin Graduation Ms Pace (sky 2)15:07:00
R2 Moryakine & Yorkrakine Graduation Ms Pace (sky 2)15:40:00
R3 Yeelanna Graduation Ms Pace (sky 2)16:07:00
R4 Whitemans Rock Graduation Ms Pace (sky 2)16:37:00
R5 Billycutting Graduation Ms Pace (sky 2)17:07:00
R6 Trayning Cup Ms Pace (sky 2)17:42:00
R7 Waddouring Graduation Discretionary Handicap Ss Pace (sky 2)18:15:00
R8 Wallambin Graduation Ms Pace (sky 2)18:50:00


R1 Carlton Draught - Brewery Stakes16:18:00
R2 2017 Adc Heat Two16:48:00
R3 2017 Adc Heat Three17:20:00
R4 Luxbet - For Those That Know Racing Pace17:53:00
R5 Luxbet Best Of The Best Stakes18:28:00
R6 Impress Print Stakes19:03:00
R7 2017 Adc Heat Three19:30:00
R8 2017 Adc Heat Four20:07:00
R9 Roberts Equine Supplies Claimer20:37:00


R1 Dnr Logistics Trot11:52:00
R2 Tab Multiplier Pace (1st Heat)12:34:00
R3 Yabby Dam Racing Trot13:10:00
R4 Pointon Partners Pace13:50:00
R5 Hrtc Bendigo Pace (2nd Heat)14:22:00
R6 Melton Saddlery Pace15:03:00
R7 Cogs Pace15:40:00
R8 Harrison Motoring Group Pace20:10:00
R8 2construct 3yo Pace16:15:00
R9 Hydroflow Claiming Pace16:52:00


R1 Fishers Ghost Meeting Sunday 29Th October Pace16:50:00
R1 Mclaren Real Estate Trotters Standing Start Handicap12:49:00
R2 2017 Clubs & Community Award Winners Arts And Culture Pace17:22:00
R2 Navace Fuel Pace13:23:00
R3 Club Menangle Christmas Functions Call 46452200 Pace17:53:00
R3 Club Menangle Christmas Functions Call 46452200 Pace14:03:00
R4 Melbourne Cup Day At Club Menangle Pace18:20:00
R4 Fishers Ghost Meeting This Sunday Pace14:38:00
R5 Kevin & Kay Seymour Evolution Series Final18:52:00
R5 C91.3fm Pace15:12:00
R6 Beersheba Day Breakfast 31St October Ladyship Pace19:24:00
R6 Family Fun Day This Sunday Pace15:49:00
R7 Club Menangle Kevin Newman Ffa (Group 3)19:53:00
R7 Melbourne Cup Day At Club Menangle Claiming Pace16:26:00
R8 Garrards Horse And Hound Pace20:23:00
R9 Mexican Night 4 November Trotters Mobile20:52:00


R1 The Corney Special Pace16:35:00
R2 Kimberley Accessories Pace17:06:00
R3 Brandrick Pace17:41:00
R4 The Bgw Group Cup18:06:00
R5 The Cnw Electrical Wholesale Cup18:33:00
R6 The Sparkie Ladyship Pace19:06:00
R7 Convery Pace19:40:00
R8 Samios Pace20:08:00


R1 Equine Expo Next Week 3yo Westbred Ms Pace (sky 1)14:42:00
R2 Pinjarra Pacing Sponsorship Raffle - Tickets Available Now Ms Pace (sky 1)15:17:00
R3 Book Your Xmas Function @ Pinjarra Paceway Mares Ms Pace (sky 1)15:52:00
R4 Find Us On Facebook @ Pinjarraharnessracing Ms Pace (sky 1)16:27:00
R5 Ms Pace (sky 1)17:00:00
R6 Become A Member Today Ms Pace (sky 1)17:32:00
R7 Tabtouch Westbred Ms Pace (sky 1)18:10:00
R8 See You @ The Trots Conditioned Handicap Ss Pace (sky 1)18:47:00

Port Pirie

R6 "follow The Stars" Pace (round 2)20:14:00
R7 Laucke Mills Pace20:44:00

Swan Hill

R1 #trotssh $10,000 Community Group Giveaway Pace16:58:00
R2 Mixx Fm Trotters Handicap17:33:00
R3 Swan Hill Rural City Council Pace18:00:00
R4 Haras Des Trotteurs Jim Roberts Swan Hill Trotters Cup18:30:00
R5 Kiel Tiling Pace19:03:00
R6 3sh Swan Hill Pacing Cup (group 3)19:30:00
R7 Swan Hill Stockfeeds Swan Hill Mile20:00:00
R8 Empire Stallions Vicbred Platinum Mares Sprint Championship (1st Heat)20:30:00
R9 Blast After The Last At Barrells Pace21:00:00


R8 Like Us On Facebook Pace20:20:00
R9 Jackson Quality Meats Armidale Pace21:00:00
R10 Tab App Pace21:35:00
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