Race results for Keystone Del Nz

Date Racecourse Race Number Result Odds
2015-10-10MeltonR9 City Of Melton Scotch Notch Memorial (group 3)7Scratched1.30
2015-09-05MeltonR9 True Roman Trotters Free For All (group 3)6Unplaced1.10
2015-08-14MeltonR8 Vulcan Trotters Free For All (group 3)81st2.75
2015-07-17MeltonR9 Sumthingaboutmaori Trotters Free For All (group 3)51st1.50
2015-03-07MeltonR3 Pryde's Easifeed Great Southern Star (1st Elimination Heat) (group 1)32nd1.40
2015-02-27MeltonR8 Global Stallion Management Trotters Free For All61st1.25
2015-02-20MeltonR7 Seelite Windows & Doors Australian Trotting Grand Prix (group 1)12nd3.00
2015-02-07MeltonR3 Bertocchi Melton Trotters Cup (group 3)7Scratched2.50
2015-01-17BendigoR8 Aldebaran Park Maori Mile (group 2)93rd1.30
2015-01-03MeltonR7 Lenin Trotters Free For All (group 3)71st1.12
2014-12-13BallaratR5 Carbine Chemicals V L Dullard Trotters Cup (group 1)91st1.20
2014-12-06CranbourneR5 Aldebaran Park Bill Collins Trotters Mile (group 1)31st1.20
2014-11-21MeltonR8 Derby Royale Trotters Free For All (group 3)81st1.40
2014-11-15MenangleR4 Franco/australian Trotters Heat 1131st1.90
2014-11-01MenangleR9 Tab.com.au Trotters Mobile101st1.55
2014-05-31BallaratR6 John Slack Memorial Trotters Cup (group 2)21st1.90
2014-05-24MenangleR8 Bulli Members Trotters Free For All (group 3)51st1.20
2014-05-17CranbourneR5 Bruce Skeggs Memorial Cranbourne Trotters Cup (group 2)61st1.60
2014-05-10MenangleR8 Combined Narellan Trotters Mobile71st1.25
2014-03-22MeltonR4 Pryde's Easifeed Great Southern Star (elimination Heat 2) (group 1)31st2.75
2014-03-15MeltonR8 Seelite Windows & Doors Australian Trotting Grand Prix (group 1)64th4.00
2014-03-07MeltonR8 The Knight Pistol (group 1)82nd3.50
2014-03-02MenangleR9 Glenferrie Farm Challenge (group 1)121st15.00
2014-02-08MenangleR8 T.d.s.trotters Mobile71st1.80
2013-12-14MeltonR6 Sew-eurodrive V L Dullard Trotters Cup (group 1)83rd26.00
2013-11-30MenangleR3 Franco/australian T2+ Fnl Ss152nd2.75
2013-11-23MenangleR7 Tony & Jill Mcgrath Trotters Heat 3153.80
2013-11-16MenangleR8 Jill Mcgrath Trotters Mobile (heat 1)81st1.45
2013-10-19MenangleR8 Glenferrie Farm Trotters Mobile51st1.70
2013-09-28MenangleR10 Bird B Gone Trotters Discretionary Handicap102nd3.50
2013-09-21MenangleR7 Nswsoa Thanks Cordina Chickens Trotters Mobile71st1.80
2013-08-31MenangleR10 Rydges Campbelltown Trotters Mobile102nd2.80
2013-03-23MeltonR3 Pryde's Easifeed Great Southern Star (elimination Heat 1) (group 1)45.00
2013-03-03MenangleR9 Glenferrie Farm Challenge (group 1)41st17.00
2013-02-09MenangleR8 Garrards Group Trotters Mobile71st7.00
2013-02-05MenangleR3 Rujen Thirgunanam Trotters Mobile61st1.70
2013-01-26MenangleR9 Imag Publications Trotters Discretionary Handicap55.00
2013-01-12MenangleR8 Jasol Hygiene Services Trotters Mobile1ScratchedSP
2013-01-08MenangleR5 Chambers Trotters Stakes71st1.55
2012-12-29MenangleR10 Camarda & Cantrill Trotters Handicap81st1.80
2012-12-18MenangleR2 Allied Express Trotters Standing Start72nd1.55
2012-12-04MenangleR1 C91.3 Fm Trotters Standing Start Handicap91st1.95
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